Trying Out The New Philips Series 9000 Shaver

Above: The Philips Series 9000 Shaver
We Tried It: Philips Series 9000 Shaver

In recent years, men’s shavers have undergone quite the transformation. Advancement in technology not only means better performance but better design… The new batches of men’s shavers are slicker and sexier than ever before. Enter the Philips Series 9000 shaver, the top of the line from Philips.

The first thing that you will notice when you turn the Philips Series 9000 on is the lack of noise. This baby hums so quietly you aren’t even sure it’s on. I was worried that perhaps the low hum would be a sign of a shaver that wasn’t going to be tough enough to handle my stubble but I was wrong. It works wonderfully and just happens to be that quiet. It’s such a pleasant change to my ears from the usual angry-bee shaver mob that comes along with so many other shavers.

The Philips Series 9000 features three powerful rotary blades that work together in a circular motion to give you the closet shave possible. I will warn that it does take more than one pass to get your closet shave but that is standard with all rotary shavers. However, the 9000 required very minimal time and effort to achieve a very close shave. Further, the heads flex in eight different directions, which allows you to catch 20% more hairs with every pass. Resulting in an extremely close, smooth shave. The shaver was particularly good at hugging the more difficult areas of the lower neck and facial contours. Due to the nature of the rotary blade, you don’t really need to know which direction your beard’s growing. You just make circular motions around your face and let the blades do the rest of the work. Super easy. Added benefit: it was much kinder to my sensitive skin than some other models I have used in the past.

This model is made for wet or dry shave situations; it is 100% waterproof. So you can choose to shave in the shower or with shaving gel, which has less wear-and-tear on your skin. But I found it just as effective in dry situations (and it still left my skin feeling great). Cleaning the head is sure simple – just run it under a tap for a few minutes. This model also comes with SmartClean PLUS – which means that with just the touch of a button it cleans, lubricates, dries and charges your shaver.

One battery charge seems to lasts for around 50 minutes of shaving, and a full recharge only takes an hour, which is pretty standard for shavers.

This shaver takes ergonomic design to the next level; the Series 9000 fits your hand instantly. Moreover, it feels almost weightless – weighing in at just 160g. But don’t take its weight to mean it’s cheaply made or flimsy. The shaver still has a nice compact density to it – it just feels well made. The overall design looks slick and almost sexy – like a well-designed performance vehicle.

If you like minimal fuss and a quiet life, this is probably the electric shaver for you. It’s much quieter than most, requires little technique, and shaves very well. And the SmartClean PLUS cleaning station means even less effort, and provides a stand as well. This is a no-brainer, if you want to step up your shaving game then the Philips Series 9000 is the answer.

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