10 Viral Marriage Proposals

Above: 10 viral marriage proposals
Above: 10 viral marriage proposals

What do you need to do for the ultimate marriage proposal? Round up your dearest friends and fam, some dance lessons, a Bruno Mars track, some creativity and lots of love. At least that’s what you need to do if you want it to go viral. If you’re planning to pop the question this season, here’s a little inspiration.

Here’s our favourite viral proposals:

Meme Wedding Proposal

Thanks to the internet, it seems like all we do is talk in memes. So why not incorporate that into a marriage proposal? Timothy Tiah did just that, earning him what we think is one of the most creative marriage proposals we’ve seen yet.

Home Depot Marriage Proposal

Imagine you’re in Home Depot with your buddy picking out what you think is special lighting for their upcoming party. Then out of the blue, music comes on and a mob of family and friends (some of which you haven’t seen in a while) surprise you and break into dance right there. This is exactly what happened to an unsuspecting Dustin when he went to Home Depot with a friend one day. Waiting at the end of it all is his boyfriend Spencer with a very important question.

The Movie Trailer Proposal

Alright all you film buffs, this movie themed proposal is for you! On a regular Saturday afternoon back in 2011, Ginny went to the movie theatre hoping to see Fast 5. As the movie trailers start playing, she realizes she knows one of the “stars” of the upcoming “movie” a little too well. Once she realizes what’s going on, the rest is priceless. Kudos to Matt Still, the lucky guy, for coming up with this fun proposal.

Isaac’s Live Lip-Dub Proposal

In May 2012, Isaac told his girlfriend Amy to meet him at his parent’s house for what seemed to be a casual dinner. Little did she know that Isaac had a big surprise up his sleeve. Once she arrived, Isaac’s brother told Amy to sit in the back of an open Honda and put some headphones on. Performing to Bruno Mars’ “I think I want to marry you,” folks I present you with the cutest, most wonderful lip-dup proposal. Cue the tears.

Brad and Emily Get Engaged (a LipDub proposal)

Don’t get it twisted, the lipdub is only part of the proposal. What really captured our hearts are the special touches after the lipdub leading up to the proposal on the beach. Guys, take notes.

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