App Of The Week: TimmyMe

App Name: Timmy ME

Created by: Tim Horton’s Inc

Cost: Free

Available for: iPhone, Android and Blackberry

Tim Horton’s has updated its Timmy ME App. The App now permits users to manage up to five Tim Horton cards at a time, and to check and update your card’s balance. You also have the option to reload your card automatically.

Having trouble finding a Timmy’s? The App can find the twenty closest restaurants based on your location. It also informs you of the amenities  available at each location.

The App can also set up a “TimmyRun” account, which allows you to take your co-workers’ orders when you do a coffee run. Add the email addresses of your co-workers to your account. This will notify them of your coffee run and take their orders. The orders are saved directly on the App’s notepad.

Other features are:  nutritional information, Twitter, Facebook and Youtube integration, a feedback option and driving directions.

 TimmyRun may require some time to set up, but it helps you to save time in the long run. If your office loves their Tim Hortons coffee, this is a great App to have.

Rating: 5 out of 7


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