The Token Smart Ring Will Replace Your Entire Wallet

Above: Token's smart ring will launch in December

With the imminent release of the iPhone 8, the latest Apple Watch, and the RED Hydrogen One, it’s certainly clear that mobile devices are pushing the boundaries of technology. Despite the latest iterations of smartphones and tablets, the frontier of handheld gear has still remained relatively stagnant. Wearable tech has increasingly become more and more advanced, but there has yet to be a brand new prototype to shake up the consumer market.

This is where the folks over at Token come in. The newly founded company is hoping to change the game with their flagship item: the world’s first smart ring. Token’s founders are hoping that the Smart Ring will revolutionize our daily life, much like Apple did in 2008 with the introduction of the iPhone. If you happen to be a little weary of touch-activated software, the Smart Ring may not be completely up your alley.

The device utilizes standard bluetooth and Near Field Communications to give wearers an easy-to-use tap and touch experience. It’s very similar to the feature built into debit and credit cards, but the Smart Ring has extended this tech to access turnstiles, car doors, and even complex passwords. Token’s goal is to eventually replace your entire wallet, and alleviate wearers from pocket clutter.

Token Smart Ring has already sold out during its first pre-order phase, and now manufacturers are planning to release the item in a number of colourways – helping to satisfy the more stye savvy buyers. You can take a look at the launch video below and see what the fuss is all about. To learn more about Smart Ring, visit the official website here.

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