The Top 10 Most Overrated Actors In Hollywood

Above: 10 of the most overrated actors in Hollywood

Now onto the most overrated actors in Hollywood — they’re what you call celebrities who do a little bit of acting. They’re more known for their public personas as opposed to the actual work they create. Either that, or they haven’t produced a hit since before the name Justin Bieber meant anything to the world (not that it means much now). It’s been nothing but box office busts, or roles that are basically the same as playing themselves. While there’s no denying they have talent, these actors definitely aren’t making the most of the gifts they have.

Of course you can’t account for every overrated actor out there, but this is our list of ten of the most overrated:

George Clooney: Being a diehard George Clooney fan myself, this is a tough pill to swallow, but it’s the truth. George Clooney is overrated. Now before you scoff, scowl, or throw your computer against the wall, when was the last time he played anything other than George Clooney? Yes he was good in The Descendants and it was a strange turn for him to not play “Mr. Cool” for once, but that was his most challenging role in his entire career, and it wasn’t even that difficult of a role. He’s more known for his charisma, frat boy pranks, political activism, and annual girlfriend than he is for intense, dramatic roles and acting abilities.

Ashton Kutcher: Is Ashton Kutcher a good comedic actor? Maybe. Is Ashton Kutcher worthy of being the highest paid actor in television? Absolutely not. Yes he’s endearing, charming, and he was great in the romantic comedy No Strings Attached, but that’s about as far as his acting breadth goes. While his show, Two and a Half Men is a ratings hit, it’s definitely not some of his best work. In fact, he should stick to what he does best: reciting cheesy lines in lame movies, rallying teenage girls with speeches on “how to be incredibly sexy”, and investing in tech software.

Zac Efron: He should have paid closer attention to Mathew McConaughey’s career pre-McConaissance — if you want to be taken seriously as an actor you have to keep your shirt on. While there’s no denying that he works out, it’s still debatable if he’s actually a good actor. He’s clearly improved since his High School Musical days, but he’s a far cry from the real credible dramatic actors in the industry. He keeps filling seats in theatres and landing starring roles because he’s a big name and a heartthrob.

Ben Affleck: I think Ben Affleck’s overrated status really hit fever-pitch when it was announced he would be playing the next Batman. The displeasure from fans was so evident you felt they would boycott the Batman series altogether. While he’s not necessarily a bad actor — he had great performances in The Town and Argo  — he’s definitely had a tough time being consistent. Remember Gigli? Jersey Girl? Yup, my point exactly. Thankfully he’s started to reincarnate himself as quite the talented director as of late. Ben Affleck’s resume should read — overrated actor, underrated director.

Brad Pitt: He’s possibly the biggest movie star on the planet. But that’s what he is, a movie star. He was great in Moneyball, but that was his best performance in recent memory. Gone are the Fight Club and Snatch days, and now we’re constantly run through the gauntlet of painful movie experiences such as his wretched Canadian accent in 12 Years a Slave, Benjamin Button and World War Z. Lately he’s taken on the roles of producer and globetrotting family man, which is understandable considering the point he’s at in his career. But I think we can all agree, it’s about time Brad Pitt actually challenged himself with a role again.

Owen Wilson: He’s the classic everyman actor. He’s the type of guy that could be your quirky uncle at holiday dinners, or that weird family friend that always comes over for your mom’s cooking. This is what makes him likeable, and probably what keeps him employed in the movie industry. He was awesome in some great movies such as Wedding Crashers and Midnight in Paris, but the problem is he’s always the same role. He’s just Owen Wilson with lines to read. He found his comfort zone as an actor and planted himself there in a La-Z Boy chair, bantering with his typical nasally, and crooked-nose charm.

Adam Sandler: There’s no denying that he’s funny, or at least used to be. Lately, he’s king of box office busts — every movie he seems to come out with now tanks in impressive fashion. Of course we’ve given him a few free passes with such an impressive comedy past with Happy Gilmore, Billy Madison, The Waterboy, Big Daddy, The Wedding Singer, and Punch Drunk Love under his belt. But there comes a point when you can’t love him for the good movies that he doesn’t make anymore. He’s overrated because he’s possibly the greatest depreciating asset in Hollywood.

Tom Cruise: Now he’s just a movie star past his prime who does nothing but make big action movies under one genre — ‘Bad Action’. It would be refreshing if Tom Cruise ventured out of the action genre, particular the sci-fi action genre, and got back to his roots as an actor. Audiences are craving the old Tom Cruise, something from the Top Gun, Cocktail and Jerry Maguire days. He teased us with his small and hilarious role in Tropic Thunder as Less Grossman, but that’s all it was, a tease. Still he goes back for Mission Impossible 39. It’s time Tom Cruise put aside the stunts, explosions, and lame plotlines to remind us that he’s as famous as he is because he’s actually talented.

Johnny Depp: The first Pirates of the Caribbean was good, but now the story is old. Also his relationship with filmmaker Tim Burton has been frustrating for Johnny Deep fans as he seems more interested in making movies that will give children nightmares, than win him any serious awards. There’s no denying that he’s one of the most talented actors in the world. He’s always prided himself in making the movies he wants to, and doesn’t base his career on a formulated plan. Still, we haven’t seen his talents used in the right way recently. It would be refreshing to see him step outside of his self-created genre of movie, “Johnny Depp’s Creepy Make Believe”, where his role selection always seems to spawn from the latest costume he finds in his attic dress-up closet.

Nicolas Cage: At this point in the game, Nicolas Cage takes the cake as the most overrated actor. You do have to feel sympathy for him though, as critics and the general public has used his movies and performances as a punching bag for cruel jokes the last half-decade. With movies like Ghost Rider and National Treasure on his resume, there’s no denying that he’s had his moments to be forgotten as an actor. Then again, when you owe 13 million in unpaid tax dollars by burning through your 100 million dollar fortune, your role selection is going to become just a wee-little-bit desperate. Although his latest movie, Joe, is supposed to serve as his turnaround performance, much like Mud did for McConaughey. We’ll have to see if he can put together a few good performances, redeem himself and get back to his glory days.

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    • Sandra
    • March 16, 2018

    Umm. Where’s mark Wahlberg?

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    • Madiha
    • August 8, 2020

    Lol johnny Depp is not overrated You are just a jealous loser . Depp is most the talented actor.

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