Here’s Your First Look at the iPhone 8

Above: You can expect the new device later this year

It’s been a mere seven months since the iPhone 7 debuted on store shelves, but consumers already have their sights set on the next edition of the popular smartphone. Information regarding the device itself has yet to be revealed, but that hasn’t stopped the rumour mill from slowing down. Ever since the latest model got into the hands of users worldwide, tech gurus and bloggers began to wonder what the next big step would be for the product, which is celebrating its ten-year anniversary in 2017.

Amid all of the whispers, much of the talk surrounded the iPhone 8’s display screen, particularly a possible widened design. Other chatter involved a reintroduction of aux ports and updated touch capabilities. Well, thanks to some lucky instagramers, it appears as though we’re getting our first sneak peek at the upcoming product.

A social media user named Benjamin Geskin has uploaded a slew of screencaps featuring the latest Apple hardware, with some even showing in-hand appearances. Much like the leaked blueprint designs that surfaced online at the beginning of the month, the smartphone does indeed boast the infinity screen. The new OLED display has replaced any sort of taptic button interface, and has opted for a futuristic glass panel.

This concept mimics that of Apple rival, Samsung, who have outfitted their own devices with a similar screen. Should this be the real deal, the iPhone 8 also looks to have a long power button, dual front-facing cameras, and 3D shooting technology. The pieces are expected to ship later this fall, but you can get a look at everything below via Instagram. For the tech savvy, we’ve also included the alleged product blueprints.

A post shared by Benjamin Geskin (@venyageskin1) on

A post shared by Benjamin Geskin (@venyageskin1) on

A post shared by Benjamin Geskin (@venyageskin1) on

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