Just-Eat Now Available On Android

Do you know Just-Eat? The subway ads with the tiny brain and the huge stomach that both look like they’re made of plasticine? Well now it’s available for download on your Android. Don’t worry Apple devotees, the iOS version of the app was introduced earlier this year.

Just-Eat started in 2000 in Denmark, and now it’s in 13 countries and run in the UK. Essentially, it’s a food delivery service for the new millenium. On Just-Eat.ca you can choose from a wide array of foods from local take-away eateries and then have it delivered. Just-Eat it. Take a walk around your neighbourhood. Every week you’ll see a new “Just-Eat” sticker, signifying your fave Mom&Pop diner is now online.

The new app for smartphone and Android, like the site, offers postal-code targeting to find food in your area, restaurant lists and statuses, info on discounts, secure transaction check-out and order-status notifications. 

Now you can be on the move ordering food you don’t need to get up for.

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