Samsung Is Now Recalling Washing Machines

Above: 34 models are affected by the recall

Last month, Samsung asked users of the Galaxy Note 7, to hand in their device due to the threat of it exploding. The phone was a bit of a disaster, and ultimately, the recall claimed millions of devices and lost the company a whole lot of cash. Just when the tech giant was recovering, it appears as though the organization has another huge issue at hand.

Samsung is now recalling multiple types of its washing machines, and yet again, the reason is that they are exploding. The company is pulling a series of models from the last four years, adding up to 34 variations in total. The main issue is that when cleaning larger items, such as comforters, the devices may break down or yes, even burst apart.

In September, the CPSC issued a warning regarding the models, this while Samsung was dealing with its massive phone recalls. Like their cellular device, the company is offering owners a chance to salvage their purchase. Samsung is asking those who have the washing machines to call in for repair and reinforcement, and is extending the machine’s warranty for another year. There will also be rebates, but that is determined by the age and model of the washer. If owners would like a new Samsung washer, the company is offering an added $150. Owners can also request a “home user kit”, which will educate them in regards to better wash safely.

The Galaxy Note 7 recall, is hitting the company with an estimated loss of $5.3 billion in American dollars. There has yet to be word on just how much this latest mishap will affect the company.

To see if your machine is one of those affected, you can check out the list of the faulty models here. You can also contact the Samsung hotline, at 1-800-726-7864.

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