We Tried It: Phantom Glass Screen Protector

Above: Phantom Glass tempered glass screen protector for the iPhone

Product: Phantom Glass tempered glass screen protector for the iPhone
Who tried it: Kyle Williamson, AmongMen contributor
Retail price: $34.99
Available: Best Buy, Future Shop, Staples, Amazon, and more. Also available from the Phantom Glass website.

There’s nothing worse than a broken or scratched phone screen, so naturally the smartphone-obsessed are always in search of a good screen protector. This week? AmongMen tried out Phantom Glass’ much-hyped tempered glass screen protector for the iPhone and put it to the test.

The screen protector looks and feels exactly like the glass screen of the iPhone. The glass is tempered, which makes it resistant to scratches and impact, while still maintaining 100% clarity. It’s also astoundingly easy to put into place. (Basically use the provided cleaning cloth to remove all dust particles from your phone and then line up and stick the glass screen protector to the screen of your phone)

Unlike super sticky plastic screen covers, Phantom Glass is designed with a silicone nano-adhesion layer so it doesn’t get annoying air bubbles between the protector and the phone. The screen is also completely removable and reusable. Except for the slight extra depth at your home button, you can’t tell that there is anything on your screen. In case you’re wondering… It is 100% receptive to your fingers and feels identical to the original glass screen of the iPhone.

And, price? While plastic screen protectors might only cost a couple of dollars, you really get what you pay for. The Phantom Glass tempered glass screen protector is a bit of an investment, but it is a high quality product.

Also worthy of note: Phantom Glass also carries screen protectors for a wide assortment of Apple, and android phones, tablets, laptops, and cameras. The protector screens are also available in different colours for a more “vibrant” look to your smartphone.

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