48 Hours In Luxembourg City

A small street cafe, photographed in Luxembourg City (Photo: Roman Tsubin/Shutterstock)

It’s about time that Luxembourg City, the capital city of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg steps out into the tourism spotlight. Often overlooked by tourists to Europe, this small nation has a lot to say for itself, with a chequered history dating back centuries, a much loved Royal family and culture aplenty. As one of the hearts of the European Union this luxurious nation is powerful in all senses of the word.

What to see

Luxembourg City is one of the most picturesque cities in Europe if not the world. Towering above the city is the European Quarter, it really cannot be missed standing on a hill, home to EU institutions including the European Parliament, the European Courts of Justice and MUDAM art gallery. The Grund District lies below the modern city, with old houses, winding roads and a unique atmosphere in this home of working class Luxembourg. Also to be found in Grund are the Bock Casemates, tunnelled military installations dating back centuries and offering magnificent city views. Just a short walk away from Grund is the Palais Grand-Ducal, the palatial home of Grand Duke Henri. Built in 1572, but only becoming the home of Royalty in 1817, the palace is guarded by one single guard marching from one post to another. Luxembourg City is easily accessible on foot.

What to eat

Luxembourg is a melting pot of European cuisines, with German and French influences present in all national dishes. Pork with Lentils and a glass of locally produced Crémant de Luxembourg must be tried, but where better to sample these delicacies than at Le Place d’Armes luxury bistro in the heart of the city. Just next door locally produced cakes and confectionary can be bought for some quite high prices.

What to do

The multi-storey city is perfect for both leisurely walks and hikes up and down the often steep pathways. Climbing around the Bock and Petrusse is perfect for those who want perfect views over Luxembourg City. The battlements are sometimes quite slippery and uneven, so good footwear is a must.

Where to shop

Shopping is a national pastime in Luxembourg City, with an abundance of the world’s top luxury brands having opened stores throughout the city. Grand Rue is the primary shopping street, with brands including Rolex and Hugo Boss offering some of the best tax-free shopping in Europe. Although small, Grand Rue is a haven for shop-a-holics.   

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