5 Must-Dos In Philly

Above: Federal Donuts and Briar Vintage are recommended stops when visiting Philly

One of the most underappreciated cities? Philadelphia. There’s so much more to this city than Philly cheesesteaks, the Love statue and the Liberty Bell. While all of those are worth a visit, once you’ve been there and done that, here are five must-dos that’ll make you crush real hard on the City of Brotherly Love.

Go eat at Federal Donuts

When you see even locals excited about being able to order donuts and chicken at Federal Donuts (they often sell out early), you know there’s something special about this grub. The fresh and hot donuts are cooked fresh to order, so they’re as deliciously warm as a puppy and just plain delicious to eat (try the delicate strawberry lavender). Order the juicy chicken dry or glazed (we recommend the dry shabazzi option—a spicy mix of cilantro, sumac and green chili)—just go ahead and order the whole chicken (order half and you’ll just regret not having more); it is worth the extra ab work you’ll have to do at the gym.

Pick up a cool local souvenir from United by Blue

Go home with more than just some extra calories (see #1 above) to work off at the gym by picking up a stylish piece from a local designer as a souvenir (after all, you don’t really need a Philly coffee mug or another basketball jersey, do you?). Our pick? A rugged messenger bag from United by Blue, a Philadelphia clothing and accessories company committed to ocean conservation. In fact, for every product sold, United by Blue removes a pound of trash from the ocean.

Visit the Mütter Museum

If you’re a fan of TV shows like Bones and CSI, you can satisfy your love of the curiosities the world of medicine has to offer here. With hundreds of specimens and models (including books bound with human skin, a dried penis and what seems like every single body part preserved in jars), the Mutter Museum will surely captivate you but be warned: the exhibits may make even the most macho man feel a bit faint.

Buy kicks at UBIQ

Sneaker fanatics can score some impressive ones from UBIQ to add to their collection at this downtown shop. The store’s worked on projects with major brands such as Nike and Reebok, while also working on exclusive collabs with artists such as Kevin Lyons. Once you’ve picked up your new runners, grab a spot outside the shop with the locals chilling outside and shoot the breeze.

Shop vintage at Briar Vintage

Up your style quotient and ensure no other guys will be rocking the same threads with a shopping pit stop into Briar Vintage. You won’t find any polyester here (Briar Viintage CEO David P. Lochner has a policy against the fabric) and for once, your girlfriend will have to wait for you while you diligently look through the racks of pristine vintage finds that date from the 1800s to the 1960s. Be sure to check out the cuff links (you may be able to score some kickass art deco ones).

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