6 Ways To Make The Most Out Of Road Trips

What do we love about road trips? Is it the driving, the sightseeing, the togetherness? Perhaps… all three? As much fun as it is exploring new horizons, a long voyage can take its toll on both driver and passenger – so here are six ways to help make the fun stay and keep the cranky away while out on the road:

Rest stops

Let’s face it. We all want to get there as quickly as possible – be it to a breathtaking beach by the Atlantic, a Star Wars convention, or Disneyland. Reality is, it doesn’t matter how long and how fast you drive, you’ll need to stop eventually – overdoing it can be draining and potentially dangerous. Once you eat, go to the bathroom, stretch, and breathe some fresh air, it’ll be much easier to take on the miles. It will also give the car a chance to cool down a bit. Granted, you don’t want to take too many breaks either, since you still want to get to your destination.

Use a GPS

It sounds stupefying and obvious, especially in this day of age, but last thing you need is getting lost. With plenty of GPS devices out there to choose from, most will offer 3D images, free map updates, downloadable voices (why not make it interesting and have Hannibal Lecter guiding your way around) and will automatically re-route in case you miss a turn – so there’s no fear of getting back onto the main road. Though phone GPS apps are also available, some are difficult to use, let alone see, so investing in an actual GPS would be the better choice.

Music and podcasts

Several decades ago, all we could do, really, was either count roadkill or listen to some dreary radio station. Now, we got smartphones, digital music, and pretty much i-everything; frankly, it would be a waste not to utilize all of it on long road trips. With entire album collections at your fingertips, music is always good, but downloadable shows and podcasts offer up an equally, if not more – entertaining way to pass the time. Speaking from personal experience, it’s amazing how an entire podcast lineup of CBC’s “The Debaters” can make hundreds of kilometers fly by.

On-board activities

One of the best ways to avoid crippling boredom (which, inevitably, after seeing the first few hundred rocks, hills and trees you’ll start to feel) is to keep the mind occupied with something enjoyable. Feel like you just haven’t had any time to read that book for yours? well, here’s your chance- in paper or digital form, books can make for a pretty effective way to tune out for a while. Same can be said for drawing or even writing – the choices are limitless.


Nobody wants a sore neck or a sore butt, so don’t think twice about bringing that fluffy pillow or pad – it can make all the difference when joints start feeling stiff.


A road trip is never from one place to another with nothing else in-between; there are always cool places to see and visit along the way, such as natural parks and attractions. Regardless of where you drive, there are indicators that highlight specific tourist locations, usually just off the highway, so don’t be afraid to check them out.

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