Colombia Named The Happiest Country In The World, Again

Above: According to a new poll the happiest country in the world is... Colombia!
Colombia Named The Happiest Country In The World, Again

The results of WIN/Gallup‘s annual global end of the year survey are in, and the happiest country in the world is… Colombia! For the second year in a row, Colombia has topped the list as the world’s happiest country.

The survey known as the 2014 Barometer of Happiness and Hope reported that of the 1,012 Colombians polled, 86% self-reported as “happy,” while only 2% reported themselves as “unhappy.” This represents a rise of 9% from 2012 when 77% of respondents rated themselves as “happy.

Over half, 58%, of respondents reported they would not change countries. But, according to the poll a majority of Colombians who would leave the country would choose Canada as a a new country of residence.

The international market research company polled 66,040 people from 68 countries across the globe between September 2015 and December 2015, and asked respondents: “In general, do you personally feel very happy, happy, neither happy nor unhappy, unhappy or very, unhappy about your life?”

Fiji, Finland and Argentina follow Colombia in terms of self-reported happiness, according to the poll.

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