Happy World Oceans Day: Here Are 5 Celebs Doing Great Work For The Environment

Above: Gisele Bündchen channels her inner surfer in Costa Rica
Celebrate World Oceans Day With Gisele, Pam And Elle

It has been said that environmental issues are high on the list of political issues for the younger generations. So for most of you, we are sure you know all about World Oceans Day. But for the rest, here is a primer.

World Oceans Day takes place on June 8th. It is a global day to bring awareness to protecting and preserving our oceans. The ocean plays a crucial role in our world. Not only does it regulates the climate and feeds millions of people every year. But it is also home to an incredible array of wildlife. World Oceans Day reminds us to take the responsibility to care for the oceans. At AmongMen, we take the environment seriously because it is our future. And because the ladies like it. Caring for the environment could not only lead to you ending up on a WWF mission to save the rhinos but it could help you meet a future mate. Don’t believe us? Just look at these environmentalists that not only change policies, but turn heads.

Pam Anderson is a well known Canadian actress and model. She first became known for her roles on Baywatch and for being on the cover of Playboy magazine. But Pam has quickly become known as an outspoken advocate for animals. She is a long time PETA activist and ambassador. Most recently becoming a strong voice about climate change. Anderson butted heads with former Prime Minister Stephen Harper over his stance (or lack thereof) on climate change. “I think it’s our decade’s most important issue to deal with and putting the environment ahead of the economy, I know, is a difficult choice.”

Gisele Bündchen has held many titles including World’s Highest Paid Supermodel. She can now add one more title to her list, as the ‘Greenest International Celebrity of the Year’. When Gisele is not busy working the runways (or surfing), she devotes a large amount of her time and money to environmental causes. She is a Goodwill Ambassador for the United Nations Environment Program and works with the Brazilian movement A Drop Of Water (Gota D’água).

Elle Macpherson has quickly become known for not only being a Supermodel and television host but also as an international humanitarian ambassador and environmental activist. Elle has worked closely with the Sierra Club on their historic campaign to move Beyond Coal. This supermodel is concerned about the new super powers in energy: wind and solar.

Still don’t believe us that being an environmentalist will not only make you a better man, but will help you score points with the ladies? Look no further than Leo and Leto. We are talking Leonardo DiCaprio and Jared Leto.

Leonardo DiCaprio is a long-standing environmentalist, who sits on the boards of the Natural Resources Defense Council and Global Green USA. He was also the creator, producer and narrator of the historic environmental documentary The 11th Hour. In 2013, the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation awarded a $3 million grant to World Wildlife Fund (WWF). I bet you didn’t know all that Leo does for the environment but I bet you can name every model he has dated.

Jared Leto became a WWF global ambassador in 2015. In his new role, Leto works with WWF to raise awareness of the most critical issues facing our planet. Leto recently traveled to South Africa with WWF to learn first-hand about wildlife crime – specifically the rhino poaching crisis. He is working actively with the WWF in an effort to save rhinos.

Want to find out more about World Oceans Day and what is happening in your city? Visit World Oceans Day. Want to find out more about saving the planet and the animals? Visit  WWF. Or you can buy a ticket to World Wildlife Fund Canada’s inaugural Pandamonium fundraiser on June 23rd.

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