Travel Essentials: What To Pack In Your Carry On

Travel Essentials: What To Pack In Your Carry On

We live in a world where airline travels seems to have become the norm. Almost anyone can easily (and affordably) hop on a plane for a quick weekend getaway with ease. But when it comes to packing, most people are still all thumbs. But knowing how to pack is a necessary skill. You may be the type of person who avoids the checked bag fees by trying to fit everything into a small roller suitcase but that isn’t always possible. So if you have checked your bag, here are the travel essentials you should have in your carry on, just in case your luggage arrives later than you do.

A change of T-shirt, socks and underwear
This is always a travel essential. Anyone who has had a flight day, or lost luggage, will tell you that it is much easier if you have a change of socks, underwear and t-shirt to get through. Check out the latest travel gear from Unbound. They are known for their merino products – tees, socks and underwear. The trick with merino is that it repels bacteria and ensures you can wear that tee for several days without any impeding odours. Moreover, merino is incredibly soft.

Toiletries kit
It may not be very glamorous to be washing your face in the airport bathroom but sometimes you just have to. Nothing makes you feel better than washing the travel grime away. Look into your favourite skincare brand to see if they make a travel kit with your favourite travel essentials. Just make sure they are under the legal liquid limits for carry-ons (usually under 100ml is safe). Check out the travel kits from natural skincare company Consonant or Aesop

Toothbrush and mini toothpaste
This may seem obvious but many people forget this. If you have room add in some floss too. Consider an all-in-one kit from Men’s Society that includes a mini toothbrush, mini Mavis toothpaste, mini face towels, face cleanser and cream.

Electronic essentials
You will want to make sure you pack the essentials to keep you connected. Be sure to include a USB cable for your smartphone and a portable battery pack (make sure you have it fully charged). Add in some noise cancelling ear phones, you will thank us for that later.

If you have room add in:
The Arrive Revived mist and roll on from Saje. The essential oils in this blend will help reduce the symptoms of travel on the mind and body.

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