How To Keep Your Relationship Hot

It’s hard to keep a relationship from going stale. We know. You slip past the honeymoon period and all of a sudden it’s trackpants, and in bed before 10. Shudder.

 So how do you stop this downward spiral before it starts? By pledging to keep (or at least bring back) the heat in your relationship. And here are our six tips how…

 Get on a schedule

Yes, we know, there is nothing less romantic than scheduling time together with your significant other. Unfortunately the longer you are with your partner and the busier you both get, the less priority spending time together takes. So schedule a weekly date night…or even just weekly roll between the sheets…and don’t break that date, no matter what. Trust us, it’ll pay off.

Send sexy texts

Remember the early days of your relationship? The days when you were so all consumed with one another that even your text messages were laced with all kinds of naughty innuendos? Well right now is about the change those “will you bring home some bread?” to some “will you get home to bed!” texts.

Play stranger

Forget taking her out to some fancy-schmancy restaurant, take her to a bar… and then let her go in alone. Ten minutes later, follow her in. Take a seat next to her at the bar and then proceed with the evening as if the two of you have never met. Fake names and all. At the end of the night, let her decide if she’s taking you home or not… and whether the game will continue in the bedroom.

Splurge on her

Sure, we like you to think we aren’t the superficial type and that we believe in the whole “money can’t buy you happiness” thing… but in reality, sometimes we are and sometimes it can. Even if it is just something small, just knowing that you thought of her will be enough to win you some major brownie points.

Have sex… a lot

Tired? Stressed? Anxiety? No one cares. Sex doesn’t like excuses and neither does your partner, so suck it up and get to it. Even on the days when you really, really, really don’t feel like doing it, do it anyway. Your relationship (and your woman) will thank you for it.

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