How To Read Her Signals

How to read her signals (Photo: Rechitan Sorin/Shutterstock)

There she is, the most beautiful girl you have ever seen. She looks up, your eyes meet, the chemistry is electric, you feel immediately drawn to her. She looks away, you feel like you’ve lost part of your soul. You have to meet her. Now. You walk over, bust into the middle of her group of friends and declare that you must buy her a drink. She looks up stunned…and then she politely declines.


Listen guys, women are full of all kinds of signals. Some are sent loud and clear, others are a little more subtle. Here’s how to read five of the most classic… and avoid facing those embarrassing rejections ever again.

The look

Eye contact is the classic first move, normally the earliest and most obvious signal a girl will give you. Now don’t get us wrong, just because you two lock eyes across a crowded room does not necessarily mean she will be into you. Catch her eye twice? You’re getting warmer. More than twice? Definitely warmer. Catch her eye and then watch her look away, look down and give a little smile to herself before she glances back at you? You’re hot… and she thinks so too.

The hair flip/toss/twirl

If you’re looking at her, and she know you’re looking at her, there are a few things that she might do to keep your attention and one of them will most likely have to do with her hair. Whether she is twirling it between her fingers, tossing it over her shoulder without a care, or flipping it repeatedly from side-to-side, these are all meant to show off her gorgeous locks and how utterly feminine she is. Appreciate this effort and (lightbulb!) maybe even use this as an opening to come over and compliment her on it.

The walk by

Seriously though dude, she really doesn’t need to go to the bathroom every five minutes. Pay attention, she is trying to get your attention! So before the poor girl burns a hole through the damn floor, get up and ask her if you can buy her a drink! She’s got to be thirsty after all that running back and forth she’s done for the last hour.

The leg cross

So you made it over to her table… now what? After the formalities are over and the first round of drinks have been bought (yes, you really should buy her a drink. Look at her!), the best way to gage whether you are keeping her interest is to watch out for the always-telling leg cross. Simple enough: if she crosses her legs towards you, she still feeling you. If she crosses them away from you? Well, might be time to move on, son.

The arm graze

You’ve basically got yourself locked in at this point but keep an eye out for one more signal: the arm graze. This comes when the two of you are chatting away and you might say something silly or funny and, “haha!” as she laughs that perfect girlie giggle, she will reach over and touch your arm. Just a light little brush. But with that one little bit of body contact she is basically saying, “yup, I’m sold”. Roll with it.

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