How To Send Her Flowers She’ll Love

Above: How to buy flowers for women (Photo: RTimages/Shutterstock)

If you want to send your girlfriend flowers but not sure where to start, you’re not alone. While a good florist can help you out, we’re here to give you a few pointers that’ll help ensure the bouquet you send will have her swooning.

Make sure she’s not allergic to certain flowers

The last thing you want to do is send her into a sneezing fit or getting a case of hives with your sweet gift. So find a creative way to figure out if she’s allergic if you don’t already know—perhaps share a story about a friend who is allergic to flowers, or pretend you’re thinking of sending a bouquet to your mom and ask her to help you choose one the next time you’re out and near a flower shop.

Don’t wait for a special occasion

While your anniversary or Valentine’s Day is a perfectly fine time to send her flowers, she will really love it if you send her flowers “just because.” That’s right—not only should you get gifts for those important days, but surprising her with some blooms on any random day is essential, too. It shows you love her and don’t need a certain date to show it.

Look at her Instagram or Pinterest

If your girl is active on social media, there’s a chance she has pinned or Instagrammed flowers that she loves. Look to those images for clues as to what type of blooms she likes in terms of colour and style. You can look, too, to  her wardrobe and taste in accessories—is she very feminine and romantic when it comes to style or more classic?

Include a pretty card with a personal note

Jot down an inside joke you two have, or just some note of endearment.

Send them to her office

While showing up at home with a bouquet for her is sweet, have them sent to her office (where her friends and coworkers will also see how sweet you are) and you’ll maybe win even more brownie points. Besides, she’ll have the blooms to help cheer up her dreary cubicle.

Choose your flowers wisely

If you’re at the florist and actually selecting the flowers yourself, look for ones that are completely open; you’ll want stems that include some buds so that she can enjoy the bouquet blooming. The petals should look green and fresh and not wilted at all.

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