How To Meet Someone IRL This Summer

How To Meet Someone IRL This Summer

Now that winter is finally becoming a distant memory, it’s time to come out of hibernation and enjoy the summer. If you’re single and looking, that means plenty of opportunities for patio happy hours, walks in the park with ice cream, and Saturdays at the beach. Not that you can’t do all of that on your own, but wouldn’t it be more fun to be able to enjoy the nice weather with someone who kind of have a thing for? The question is, how do you meet that person?

The past five years (at least) have been all about the dating apps. Tinder, Bumble, OkCupid, Happn, Coffee Meets Bagel, you name it, at least someone you know has tried it. There are plenty of people who have found a happy relationship thanks to a dating app, but eventually all that swiping starts to feel like a chore. And dating is supposed to be fun! This summer, ditch all the apps and go back to basics—actually talking to people in person. Here’s how to meet someone in real life:

Take a class
Whether you want to upgrade a skill for work or learn how to cook, taking a weekly class can be a nice change of pace. Not only will you be improving yourself, but you’ll have a chance to meet new people. Extending your social network is the best way to increase your chances of meeting someone you might actually want to date. With a weekly class, you’ll also have the chance to take things a little more slowly because you know you’ll see them again next week. Plenty of time to work up the nerve to ask her out for a drink after class.

RSVP yes to more events
No one is suggesting you should go to every single thing you’re invited to, no questions asked. But making an effort to get out more—and do things that aren’t necessary smack dab in the middle of your comfort zone—can only be a good thing. You never know who you might meet at that comedy show your cousin invited you to, an acquaintance’s birthday party, or happy hour with work people. You might want to go home and veg in front of the TV every evening, but you can’t expect to meet anyone that way, now can you?

Ask everyone you know to set you up
A setup doesn’t have to be a blind date in the traditional sense where you meet a friend of a friend at a formal restaurant and hope it’s not just going to be generic small talk over mediocre pasta all night. It could be more casual, like a group hang out, but you already know the girl you’re sitting across from is single and looking, just like you. That way, you won’t waste your time flirting with a girl who is already taken, but it still feels relatively natural. There’s also a lot less pressure if you don’t end up hitting it off—there are plenty of other people around to help keep the conversation going.

Don’t be afraid to make the first move
Getting out and going to more events is a great first step, but your ideal significant other isn’t just going to fall into your lap just because you dragged yourself out of the house. If you see someone you like, you’re still going to have to make a move, which is admittedly, not always easy. Sometimes it can be hard to tell if a woman would be open to having a conversation with you, a complete stranger. The truth is, a lot of women are as fed up with online dating as you are—and they would love for a friendly, respectful guy to have the confidence to strike up a conversation. The key is to keep is casual. That means, don’t come on too strong too fast, and avoid the cheesy pick up lines—they aren’t worth it.

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