Sarah Chalke: Sneaky Hot And Back On TV

Sarah Chalke on the red carpet in April 2013

As bad as How to Live with Your Parents (For the Rest of Your Life) looks – and it looks like mash-up of all kinds of single mom with wacky parents and a cute kid clichés with a little Jon Dore on the side – there is a very good chance that we’re still going to watch every single episode.

That’s how much we love Sarah Chalke.

The Ottawa, Ontario born actress first arrived in our lives as “Replacement Becky” on Roseanne. Before The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air pulled the Aunt Viv switcheroo between Season 3 and Season 4, Chalke became a member of the Conner family and became one of our schoolboy crushes. She remained the “Back-up Becky” consistently for a couple seasons, and on an as-needed basis whenever “Original Becky” (Alicia Goranson) couldn’t fit being in a highly successful television show into her college schedule.

Chalke returned to the small screen (and our hearts) in a big way as Dr. Elliot Reid on the long-running hospital comedy Scrubs. As all-around awesome as Scrubs was – and it was all kinds of terrific – we couldn’t help but fixate on Chalke because she was perfect: sexy and attractive in a awkward, dorky kind of way that made you think, “She could be in to me” where most other female characters on television have always been and will always remain six million miles beyond out of our league.

Her one season arc as Stella Zinman on How I Met Your Mother offered a similar role to our favourite Canadian comedic actress, and even though her character didn’t like Star Wars and referred to Chewbacca as a bear, we were quick to forgive her because, well, she’s Sarah Chalke and we love her.

There have been some random appearances (Grey’s Anatomy) and a couple forgettable attempts to rekindle the rom-com sitcom flame (Mad Love with Jason Biggs? BARF!), but nothing has really clicked, which has kept the 36-year-old sneaky hot starlet flying under the radar for the past little while.

But as soon as we saw the first commercial for the soon-to-be-forgotten new show she’s in, our feelings for the lovely and talented Ms. Chalke came flooding back.

We’re holding out hope that her new show with the cumbersome name can avoid turning into another “I’m pretty sure I’ve seen this episode before” situation before Episode 6, but the Vegas line doesn’t look favourable.

It’s too bad too because Chalke is the always worth watching as the “Doesn’t know she’s all kinds of attractive and that only makes her more attractive” girl, and we’d like to have other Wednesday night television options besides Duck Dynasty.

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