Using Instagram As A Dating Site

Instagram is gaining popularity as a dating site (Photo: D. Hammonds/Shutterstock)

The social media wars are getting hot. Last week, Instagram announced the launch of Instagram Direct, a feature that allows users to send private photos and videos. While many wonder how this new feature will change the way they interact with the photo- and video-sharing app, many others have already changed the game by using Instagram as a dating site.

Daniel Desforges, lifestyle contributor and business manager of, met his boyfriend, Julio Reyes, on Instagram. He found dating through Instagram “fun and flirty and, for the most part, harmless.”

“Think of it as an evolution of online dating sites, just with less commitments and thankfully a lot cheaper,” said Desforges. “Some of the best friends I have in my life, I have met using social media such as Instagram. And now I can say that the love of my life is a result of it as well.”

Relationship expert Frederick Tuffours also believes social media is a great place to meet people.

“The casual nature of social media appeals very much to the masses,” said Tuffours. “Social media foreplay is a must––as in being able to engage her online, all at the click of a button. Even dates can be secured via social media, with absolutely no need for phone number exchanges. It’s time for people to get with the social media program. It’s the new dating language to speak.”

Flirting on Instagram can be as simple as liking old pictures, frequently liking another persons posts and can escalate to leaving your number, BBM PIN or Twitter handle on and old image.

“If you go searching through my timeline on Instagram, there are some photos of me desperately trying to get the attention of men looking for other men,” says Desforges. “I even went so far as to ask a few boys out via comment.  A word to the wise, that’s kind of like the version of sending a ‘Do you like me? Yes, No or Maybe’ note in high school except everyone gets to read it. Try to use some discretion to avoid the embarrassing results.”

With the advent of Instagram Direct those public embarrassments can now be private image- or video-advances.

“I hope that it doesn’t take a turn to the world of Grindr or Blendr,” said Desforges. “But only time will tell.”

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