Why Cheating Has Nothing To Do With Religion

Adultery website survey finds most cheaters believe in religion (Shutterstock/Karuka)

Victoria Milan, a dating website for men and women who like to cheat on their significant others, is taking the religious stigma out of extramarital affairs. Or something. According to a survey they did of 6,000 members, of the 70% who consider themselves religious, 76% do not think infidelity is a sin. Not really surprising considering the people surveyed are members of an infidelity website.

The survey goes on to ask people which specific religions they believe are the most likely to be unfaithful. Catholic comes out on top with 29%, followed by Muslim at 27%, and Protestant at 18%. So, what is it about these religions that strike people as unfaithful?

People cheat for a variety of reasons and for some, religious beliefs play a huge factor in whether they remain faithful or not. But if that is the only reason you aren’t a cheater, then maybe you should just be single. There are a lot of temptations, and it is easier than ever to find an extramarital affair, if you really want one. But shouldn’t you ask yourself if you are okay with hurting someone you care about? With lying to their face, and sneaking around behind their back? Are those things a sin? God may not care, but I’m pretty sure your significant other does.

Founder and CEO of Victoria Milan, Sigurd Vedal, states, “Infidelity has been with us throughout human existence in every culture. Most cultures and religions, especially, have censured and even penalized adultery, but this has not prevented it from occurring. In modern times our members see passion and love as precious gifts, and they appreciate religion as a culturally-situated phenomenon. If god is love why should they find anything wrong with their desires for lovemaking?”

Victoria Milan isn’t the first website to exploit people’s desire to cheat. Ashley Madison has been around since 2001, and with a slogan like “Life is short. Have an affair.” it is clear that doing what you want is more important than worrying about any sort of religious consequences.  So, cheat away. God just wants you to embrace love, with whomever.

As progressive as that sounds, the world of relationships isn’t just one big free-for-all, where everyone can sleep with everyone. Victoria Milan isn’t a discreet way to find love and passion, it’s a discreet way to have sex with no strings attached. It’s a great way to have your cake and eat it too, because you always have a way out of the affair. You are married, after all.

The Bible also says thou shalt not commit adultery, but that’s conveniently forgotten by the religious members of Victoria Milan.

If you have justified infidelity in your mind, and it is part of your chosen lifestyle, good luck to you. But that choice has nothing to do with whether you identify as religious or not. Religion has a reputation of being easily manipulated to fit whatever square-hole-round-peg scenario you want to fit it in, so asking people who cheat if they are sinners is useless. No one is going to say yes.

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