10 Amazing Episodes Of Marc Maron’s ‘WTF’ Podcast

Above: Barack Obama is the latest guest to open up on 'WTF'.

For those of us in the know, Marc Maron’s “WTF” podcast has been a venue for some of the best interviews around. Consistently throughout its six year run, the host has facilitated brutally honest, fascinatingly dark, and truly compelling discussions with celebrities and non-celebrities alike. This morning, the comedian and star of “Maron” on IFC, released his biggest episode yet: a sit down with current president Barack Obama.

If you’ve just finished the Obama episode of WTF and have emerged a fan, you’re in luck. There are multitudes of others to delve into, all just as engaging and intriguing as the last. For the uninitiated, here are 10 episodes of “WTF’ to download right away.

Todd Glass: Ep. 245

Fellow comedian Todd Glass stopped by the show in 2012 to make a “big announcement”. After decades of hiding his sexuality, Glass sat down with Maron and came out to the masses. The hour long show proved to be an incredibly open and moving experience, with Glass detailing how others’ ignorance ultimately made him feel unsafe with his own identity.

Louis C.K.: Ep. 111 & Ep. 112

Maron and Louis had become close friends during their early years in the Boston comedy scene. As Louis quickly garnered more and more success, the two grew further apart. Years later, Maron invited Louis onto his show and the former colleagues hashed it out on-air. After butting heads and verbally sparring, the comics worked out their differences and mended their previously uneasy relationship.

Todd Hanson: Ep. 190

The Onion writer visited Maron in two parts. The first was a pleasant, run-of-the-mill episode with yet another, influential alternative comic. It was fun, it was light, but by no means was it memorable. Maron sat down with Hanson a while later, but this time around, things were a tad different. Hanson opened up to the host and revealed in graphic detail, a prior suicide attempt, and bouts of crippling depression.

Iggy Pop: Ep. 400

Those of us that are lucky enough to meet our childhood idols, can attest, it’s a surreal experience. Marc Maron got to live out his fantasy when Iggy Pop dropped the studio, of course, his usual shirtless self. The discussion is full of road stories, Pop’s tutelage under David Bowie, and what it means to be punk. It’s not often do we get to hear utter glee from the WTF host, but this was one occasion.

Sam Simon: Ep. 389

The former Simpsons writer stopped by the “cat ranch” to reveal his headspace after being diagnosed with terminal cancer, why he supports Sea Shepherd, and the legacy he will leave behind. Maron’s tradition is to reupload the interviews after his subjects pass away, and his opening monologue regarding Sam Simon makes the entirety of the audio that much more touching and memorable.

Bob Zmuda: Ep. 274

The enigmatic Bob Zmuda spends a good portion of this episode propping up the late Andy Kaufman’s legacy. Zmuda proves bold, adding to the mystery surrounding his former partner’s death. The whole episode is confusing, even still when Maron confronts his subject with contrary evidence. Aside from the whole conspiracy, Zmuda reveals more details of Kaufman’s infamous artistry, and how he’s carried on their character, Tony Clifton.

Jillian Lauren: Ep. 234

American author, Jillian Lauren, details her time in the Sultan of Brunei’s harem. She explains the hierarchy of the establishment and how the girls are paraded around for the Bruneian elite. As the story progresses, Lauren reveals the complications of being in a love triangle involving the prince. As always, Marc does well to help his guest delve deeper into the subject matter, while others would naturally be considerably uncomfortable.

Gallagher: Ep. 145

WTF has developed a reputation for holding mainstream comedians accountable. From Carlos Mencia to Dane Cook, the show has confronted its subjects time and time again. Whether being accused of stealing jokes or selling out, Maron allows his guests to give their side of the story. In 2011, 80s prop comic Gallagher stormed out of an interview when Maron insisted they discuss Gallagher’s hacky persona. While not the usual length of most shows, the episode becomes a audio car wreck, something we find it hard to pull away from.

St. Vincent: Ep. 559

WTF has earned a reputation for the in-depth, often heavy, artist exposé. The interviews go deep into the psyche of the guest, bringing out repressed childhood memories. Sometimes, however, there are just entertaining and are revealing in the nicest and warmest way possible. Annie Clark (aka St. Vincent) had an incredible 2014, and the icing on the cake was this interview. Marc keeps it fairly light. It’s a completely refreshing listen.

Robin Williams: Ep. 67

Another one of WTF’s more popular episodes, the late Robin Williams arguably delivered his most honest and heart-wrenching interview ever. The fluidity of the discussion, Williams’ refreshing candor about depression and addiction, all adds up to a must-listen. Playing it back in retrospect is frankly, even more tragic.

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