5 Reasons To Check Out HBO’s ‘Silicon Valley’

Above: The cast of 'Silicon Valley'

Only 5 episodes deep into its second season, Silicon Valley is a critical darling. Packed with charm and ripe with laughs, Silicon Valley is the perfect Sunday night viewing. Still haven’t seen an episode? Now midway though season 2, we’re here to make an argument why you need to get it in gear.

Here are 5 reasons to buckle down and catch up with TV’s funniest new comedy.

5. HBO

HBO knows quality programming, and that’s why season three of Silicon Valley has already been confirmed. The half-hour satire of the tech world is already garnering critical acclaim (it was nominated for an Emmy, Golden Globe, Satellite, as well Writer’s and Directors Guild of America awards), we may even get a season 4 and 5.

4. You Can Binge-Watch

Plan your next weekend accordingly. If I’ve done my math correctly (full disclosure here, I’m terrible at math), there are only 6 and a half hours of the show you need to binge-watch in order to catch up. Flick on TMN, log onto HBO Go, or pick up the first season on DVD or Blu-ray (season 1 hit stores earlier this year). Remember when everyone was talking about Breaking Bad by season 4, and then you could too? That’s because you took the time and invested a few nights of your life into quality television. Go do that again, it’s worth it.

3. Mike Judge

The show is in good hands with creator and writer with Mike Judge. Judge is the brains behind classic shows like King of the Hill, Beavis and Butt-head, and 2006’s cult favorite, Idiocracy. Silicon Valley keeps his streak of smart, funny, and sometimes raunchy humour alive and well. Shining a light on the software companies like never before, Judge’s vision this time around is somewhere between The Social Network and Arrested Development.

2. The Cast

While Thomas Middleditch’s Richard is the awkward and lovable lead, it’s the supporting cast that really knocks it out of the park. Veteran stand ups Kumail Nanjiani and TJ Miller deliver exceptional comedic timing, while familiar faces Martin Starr and Zach Woods solidify the cast as one of the strongest on television. Miller’s Erlich is the particular stand out, pairing an off-the-wall sense of humour with utter reckless abandon. One of TV’s most dangerously funny characters, Ehrlich brings the goods whether getting into fistfights at tech conventions or tripping out during mushroom-induced adventures off of the highway.

1. The Writing

When a show spends close to 5 whole minutes building upon one dick joke, and manages to sustain the laughter in the process, you know you have a winner. Silicon Valley balances the crude and clever like no other. Elaborate jokes or quick punchlines, Silicon Valley is the funniest new show on TV, and you really need to watch it.

Silicon Valley airs Sunday at 10:00pm on HBO Canada.

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