5 Rock Biographies Out This Fall

Above: 5 must-read rock star biographies out this fall

You may have watched Rock of Ages, starring Tom Cruise, or Almost Famous (much better movie) and think you know what a rock-star lifestyle is all about. Not so quick, my friend. A fresh batch of biographies from rock’s biggest players might have you singing a different tune. Here are the ones to watch for and snap up:

Neil Young: A Memoir of Life & Cars (pub date: October 14)

This is Young’s second time around when it comes to writing a memoir. His first, Waging Heavy Peace, was wickedly good, very honest funny and even a bit sentimental at times. This follow up effort promises more of the same with an emphasis on his early days as a awkward Canadian kid. Don’t expect him to dish the dirt, though, on his divorce from his wife of 36 years or any juicy details about him dating Darryl Hannah.

Herbie Hancock: Possibilities (pub date: October 23, 2014)

Hancock is one of the most influential musicians and composers of his time. He’s worked with all the big names. As a child prodigy, he created music alongside jazz legend Miles Davis, then went on to collaborate with the likes of Stevie Wonder and Joni Mitchell. In this autobiography, he comes across as a sweet honest guy as he talks about his career and Buddhist beliefs.

Brian Jones: The Making of the Rolling Stones by Paul Trynka (pub date: October 9)

If you were fascinated by Keith Richards’ autobiography, Life, a couple years ago, you’ll love hearing a different side of the story here. Jones, as we know, died a tragic death – found motionless at the bottom of his swimming pool after another night of serious boozing and drug taking. That was July 3, 1969 – just a month after being kicked out of the Stones, a band he founded. He was truly one of the original bad boys of rock.

Robert Plant: The Voice that Sailed the Zeppelin by Dave Thompson (pub date: October 21)

Can you even imagine Led Zeppelin without Robert Plant singing behind the mic? Not a chance. In the biography, the author chronicles his contributions to the most highly regarded rock bands of the century. After the death of drummer John Bonham in 1980, Led Zeppelin was done for good. But Plant managed to forge together a strong solo career in the wake of the tragedy. There’s plenty of fresh info and interview in this book, making it a must for any Zeppelin fan.

Joe Perry: My Life in and out of Aerosmith (pub date: October 7)

Joe Perry goes the Keith Richards’ route with a tell-all tale that probes into the complexities of working alongside someone you both love and hate. Richards has Jagger. Perry has Steve Tyler. They’ve endured for almost five decades and everyone has the bruises to prove it. Perry plunges headfirst into the excesses he enjoyed as a rock god and traces his rebellious spirit back to a time when he quit school because he didn’t want to cut his hair. This book promises to be a mega hit.

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