FX’s ‘Atlanta’ Will Be Must-See TV

Above: Stars of FX's new show 'Atlanta'
FX’s ‘Atlanta’ Will Be Must-See TV

Donald Glover is a renaissance man. Under his rap moniker, Childish Gambino, Glover has released eleven projects, including two (soon to be three) full-length albums. Away from the microphone, he’s written and performed his own stand up special, contributed to the hit television show 30 Rock, spent five years on NBC’s beloved sitcom Community, and appeared in blockbuster movies like The Martian. Each of these ventures have allowed him to amass an ever growing and incredibly devoted fan base. These fans have followed every step of his career, and now eagerly await his every move. If you are not one of these fans, Glover intends to make you one with his latest effort.

Premiering on FX this September, is Atlanta. The new single-camera production will star, and be written by, the man himself. Glover’s character, “Earn” will take viewers through the inner workings of the Atlanta rap scene.  Not much else has been said of the show, but we’ve been teased with four beautifully shot promos. Atlanta may be months away, but we break down three main reasons why it’ll be a must see.

As previously mentioned, the show looks gorgeous. Music director Hiro Murai, will likely handle a portion of the season, and has influenced the warm tones and sharp textures on screen. Judging by the brief looks we’ve received, the cinematography will exist somewhere between Wes Anderson and Nicolas Refn. Donald himself claimed that Atlanta will be the rapper’s version of Twin Peaks. The latest promo gives us a sneak peek at how the show plays with framing, and if continued, it could be stellar. If nothing else, Atlanta will give us something pretty to look at, right off the bat.

This should be an obvious reason to check out the show. Glover knows music, and will no doubt have a hand with the scoring of the show. The now popular “Tame Impala trailer”, is more confirmation that the sonic palette will be balanced and eclectic. We know Glover is no stranger to personally contributing to his show’s soundtrack, so we have that to look forward to as well.

Atlanta will ride on the vision and narrative spun by its creator. There is no question when it comes to the rap scene, Gambino comes from it truthfully and with experience. The real challenge however, is to deliver a show that is equal parts true, intriguing, and accessible. Luckily for us, if anyone can do it in showbiz right now, it’s Donald Glover.

Atlanta premieres on FX and FX Canada September, 6th.

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