Menswear Consignment: Canada’s Best Re-Sell Stores

Consignment Menswear Canadas Best Re-Sell Stores

Designer re-sell or consignment stores used to have a bad name. They were the stores your girlfriends would drag you into on the endless quest for a deal. These stores rarely catered to men but all that has recently changed.

The stigma around consignment stores seems to have disappeared and re-sell stores have become great places to find those one-of-a-kind hard-to-find limited run designer pieces that fashionistos covet. These are the places where you can score those sold out items from designers like Maison Martin Margiela to Supreme or commes des garcons, and every designer in between. You may even score come Yeezys if you look hard enough.

We did a cross country search for the best place to score some designer menswear consignment.

As Canada’s largest city, you will find many stores that cater to designer menswear spread all over town. Serious collectors make the trek all the way uptown for Off The Cuff for some great finds. This store carries all male focused inventory which is rare in the consignment business. Other options? The majority of Toronto’s good menswear consignment stores are found in the hip and trendy Queen West area. On Queen Street West your first stop should be at Fashionably Yours (709 Queen St W). Further down Queen West there is Garb (1046 Queen St W) and if you detour onto Ossington Ave, you will find I Miss You Menswear (63 Ossington Ave)… and the latest pop-up from Off The Cuff (12 Ossington Ave).

We found slim pickings in this city but after much digging we came across a few designer consignment stores that carry menswear as part of their assortment. We would recommend checking out Front & Company (3372 Main St) or Once Again Resale (multiple locations). Both these stores have limited menswear; their selection and amount of menswear inventory is highly dependent on the consignors.

Sadly, all designer resale stores we talked to in Montreal did not carry any menswear but all had plans to do so in the future.

One final note, beware fake designer products. It is always harder to tell with designer resale. Hence, you should make sure to shop stores with a reputation for carrying the real deal. Some stores not included in our lists due to numerable complaints from multiple shoppers in regards to fakes.

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