Coachella 2014: 9 Acts To See At This Year’s Festival

Every year during the second and third weekends in April, a long list of talented musical acts take to the stage in Indio, California (located just east of Palm Springs) for the annual Coachella Music Festival. Highly regarded as one of the top music festivals in the country, Coachella always draws a stacked lineup, as well as caravans of music and festival fans prepared for multiple eargasms with great performances over the course of the two weekends. Coachella is referred to as a destination festival, with bands and fans alike, travelling to the venue location to take in all the action. It was one of the first of its kind and has set the stage for other popular festivals, such us Lollapalooza in Chicago and Bonnaroo in Tennessee.

So who are the must-sees at this year’s festival? Here is a list of nine of the most notable:

The Arcade Fire: They’ve been one of the more consistent and popular bands in the industry in recent years. Fresh off a headlining performance at Lollapalooza in Sao Paulo last weekend, The Arcade Fire are set to hit the ground running and rock the stage at this year’s Coachella festival.

Lana Del Ray: The ‘Summertime Sadness’ singer will be bringing the spring excitement at this year’s Coachella festival. She’ll definitely be one of the big draws for festivalgoers. You can catch her performance on Sunday night of the first weekend.

Lorde: This 17 year-old superstar is absolutely everywhere these days, so it’s no surprise that she’ll be taking the stage at Coachella. Be sure you don’t miss her performance, so you can take in her unique and alternative stage spasms.

Pharrell Williams: The singer turned producer, turned singer again is one of the hottest talents in the music industry right now. Everybody wants to work with Pharell, which is why Coachella is lucky to have him grace the stage as a performer at this year’s festival.

The 1975: 2013’s most buzzed about UK band will be back at Coachella again this year. After their smashing success of their debut album in 2013, The 1975 are completely booked up with festivals and tour dates until 2015, with Coachella kicking off their full-blown North American tour.

Muse: Currently touring their sixth album, The 2nd Law, Muse is one of the veteran bands getting ready to take to the stage in California. There’s no question they will bringing it when they headline on the main stage on Saturday of the first weekend.

Ellie Goulding: In the wake of her hit songs on the Divergent soundtrack, as well as her win for best female British artist earlier this year, Ellie Goulding will be performing in Indio to the thumping sounds of our beating hearts.

City and Colour: The tattooed Canadian singer-songwriter will be performing at Coachella this year. There’s no question that his slot will take in a big audience, as he delivers his signature style of peaceful and harmonic melodies within rapturous chaos.

Bastille: Last year they exploded onto the scene when their debut album, Bad Blood, immediately went to number one on the charts. This year they will be basking in their success from 2013 as they perform at this year’s Coachella festival.

The Coachella Music Festival is a special place. For a lot of people it marks the countdown to summer, a time when they can finally whip out their short shorts and fanny packs, and indulge themselves in some long overdue hot weather. It’s also a festival that’s covered with great performers who play short sets, which it makes it very overwhelming and easy to miss out on seeing bands you love. But hopefully now, you can begin to make little stars and highlights beside the performers that you’re adamant on seeing.

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