Review: Heavy Putter’s EL Series

Above: Heavy Putter's EL Series

Counterbalance kingpin Heavy Putter’s scale-tipping flatsticks have a rep for making perfect pendulous strokes as easy as a one-pound deadlift.

With the USGA and R&A ban on belly putters and long putters which create an anchor point with the butt end firmly pressed up against a players’ paunch or forearm going into effect in 2016, the EL series offers a viable alternative to the soon to be outlawed clubs.

It’s a tad longer than a conventional length putter coming in lengths of 36”, 38”, and 40” inches. If you typically play a 34” you’ll bump up to a 36” and so on.

They feature a Ski-pole style shaft, a little heavier than typical putter shafts with a weight that is epoxied into the back end of the shaft. That weight coupled with that of an overlong 17-inch grip moves the balance point about twelve inches away from the club head.

The long grip allows players leeway in finding the perfect spot for their hands. It’s recommended players choke down on the club for short putts and lengthen the putter for long putts by adjusting their hand position higher up.

Even though the grip end isn’t secured against the body, the extended shaft and weighted grip provide a counter-weight to aid in pulling off a confident pendulum-like stroke. The back-weighted putter comes in three weight-classes and the model I tested was the middleweight.

While Heavy Putter’s hefty name may make some golfers reticent to give it a try, it’s not going to weigh down your bag and you don’t have to be able to perform a clean and jerk to put one in the hole.

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