The Coen Brothers Return With New Film ‘Suburbicon’

Above: Matt Damon and Noah Jupe in 'Suburbicon'

Quiet suburban life just got a whole lot more interesting thanks to Joel and Ethan Coen. The creative duo responsible for such classics as Fargo, The Big Lebowski, and No Country for Old Men, are returning to the big screen this year with Suburbicon. The mob thriller stars The Martian’s Matt Damon and the director’s seat is being filled by longtime pal George Clooney, who has garnered a fair amount of praise for helming flicks like Good Night and Good Luck.

Suburbicon is landing in theatres on October 27, and will tell the tale of a father in 1950s America who risks it all to fight off the mob goons terrorizing his neighborhood. Of course, the heavy subject matter is balanced with classic Coen wit and quirky Clooney direction. The film will have its initial premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival this September, so you’re in good luck if you live north of the border.

According to the movie’s producer, Joel Silver, Suburbicon has been in the making for thirty years. The Coen brothers originally penned the film back in 1986, and have been looking to greenlight the project since then. In a bit of twisted irony, George Clooney was slated to play the lead character, Gardner Lodge, way back in 2005 when Suburbicon was close to being placed into production. Now a decade later, we’ll finally be able to see the film fully realized. Before you purchase your tickets, take a look at the action-packed trailer below.

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