Dave Chappelle Announces Two New Netflix Specials

Above: Both specials will be made available on New Year's Eve
Above: Both specials will be made available on New Year's Eve

Comedy legend, Dave Chappelle, isn’t planning on slowing down anytime soon. After a lengthy and highly publicized hiatus from Hollywood, the famous funnyman returned to the spotlight earlier this year with a combo of well-received stand up specials. This brand new material followed a surprise announcement that Chappelle had signed a very lucrative multi-project deal with streaming giant, Netflix—more evidence that the company is committed to strengthening its original comedic programming.

Now, and after a brief break between specials, we’re getting our first look at our next batch of material from the Emmy Award winner. The first dose of funny comes via Equanimity: a fresh hour that pokes fun at everything from growing up, hip-hop, and the United States’ current political climate. The latter is touched upon even more in Dave’s second Netflix event, The Bird Revelation. Both will release in tandem on New Year’s Eve.

While Equanimity presents itself as a more traditional stand up special, The Bird Revelation appears to be a rather intimate performance, shot in a small venue in Los Angeles this past November. According to reports, The Bird Revelation may also be the last bit of material we see from Chappelle in a long while. Thankfully, both hours are shaping up to be incredibly poignant and undeniably hilarious. You can check out the trailer for both Equanimity and The Bird Revelation below.

The specials land on Netflix on New Year’s Eve, so plan your night accordingly.

Aidan D'Aoust

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