Devil Baby Attacks New York City

Devil baby terrorizes New York City for viral marketing campaign for 'Devil's Due'

Not many people will ignore an unsupervised baby carriage rolling through the streets of New York City, and that’s exactly what the marketing team that cooked up the devil baby prank were counting on. Unsuspecting good Samaritans that went near the carriage had the living day lights scared out of them when an evil robot baby popped up, screaming demonically.

Similar to the promotion for the Carrie remake that had a girl in a coffee shop suddenly “discovering” her telekinetic powers, the devil baby is the perfect viral marketing prank to get people interested in a film. Devil’s Due, which comes out January 17th, is reminiscent of Rosemary’s Baby, and filmed in home video style, like the Paranormal Activity franchise.  

What better way to make people want to see a scary movie, than giving them a little in-person preview? Guaranteed at least 2 people peed their pants.

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