Dylan O’Brien Stars in New Trailer for ‘American Assassin’

Above: The action flick hits theatres this September

Fans of the bestselling 2010 novel, American Assassin, will now be able to see the thrilling adventure play out on the silver screen. CBS Films and Lionsgate are teaming up to deliver the film to audiences worldwide, and have acquired big names like Dylan O’Brien, Michael Keaton, and Canada’s own Taylor Kitsch along in the process. The aforementioned names will star in the project with O’Brien snagging the lead role. For those completely unacquainted with the story, American Assassin tells the story of a vengeful CIA agent on a mission to take down those who wronged him. It’s a seemingly classic narrative, but it’s outfitted with a side plot that involves brutal training sequences. Michael Keaton will play the hardened Cold War veteran, Stan Hurley, who morphs O’Brien into an intense super soldier.

American Assassin is set to debut this September, with a global release set for later in the year. Homeland and Dexter director, Michael Cuesta, will helm the production and given his previous work it seems like a perfect fit. Cuesta’s most recent film was the Jeremy Renner crime thriller, Kill the Messenger. Funnily enough, that particular film also involved the CIA and was based upon a novel. Lionsgate has teased us with a few press photos these last few months, but we’re now getting a  much closer look. You can watch the extended trailer below via YouTube, and just try not to get amped. To follow American Assassin on social media, you can check out their Twitter account here.

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