May 2015 Primer: The Movies, Music, Games & More Coming Your Way This Month

Above: The movies, music, books and games coming your way this May

It’s May, so you know what that means… Summer Movie Season has officially begun!

Yes, the fact that “summer movie season” starts in May is crazy, but with the slate of films set to hit theatres and everything else on tap for the month ahead, the next 31 days are going to zip by and it’s going to be June before you know it.

Here’s a look at the entertainment options heading your way in May.

NBA Playoffs (Ongoing)

The Toronto Raptors got bounced in four straight (groan), but the action on the hardwood is only going to keep getting better as the second round of the playoffs kicks off. Golden State still looks strong in the Western Conference, however things are wide open in the East with Cleveland losing Kevin Love for the rest of the season and Atlanta having some trouble with Boston.

NHL Playoffs (Ongoing)

While the action in The Association takes top billing, there still isn’t anything as exciting as playoff hockey and the Quest for the Stanley Cup continues in May. Winnipeg, Vancouver and Ottawa have been bounced levaing Canadian hopes resting with Calgary in the West and Montreal in the East.

Avengers Assemble (May 1)

The first can’t-miss movie of the summer hits theatres today as Avengers: Age of Ultron hits theatres. Featuring Earth’s Mightiest Heros battling a Tony Stark creation gone rogue, this sequel to the wildly successful team-up movie from a couple years ago should be every bit as entertaining and will set the stage for the events that will take place in Phase 3 in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

The Book of Joan (May 4)

Melissa Rivers delivers a book full of The Book Of Joan: Tales of Mirth, Mischief and Manipulation picked up from being the daughter and best friend of one of the funniest women of all-time, her mother, the late Joan Rivers. As funny as she was in person, you know there had to be some unreal behind-the-scenes hilarity in the Rivers household as well.

Mumford & Sons Return (May 4)

Mumford & Sons are a polarizing band – some people love them, others hate them with their entire being. Regardless of where you fall on that spectrum, there is no denying that the London outfit’s first two albums – 2009’s Sigh No More and 2012’s Babel – were both hits and their forthcoming third effort, Wilder Mind, should follow suit.

One Day, Two Very Different Movies (May 15)

A couple very different movies drop on the third Friday of the month. One is Mad Max: Fury Road, the first Mad Max film in 30 years and featuring Tom Hardy in the titular role first made famous by Mel Gibson. The other is Pitch Perfect 2, a follow-up to the unexpected acapella flick that showcased Anna Kendricks’ musical chops. Whether you want post-apocalyptic violence or to get pitch-slapped once more, this is a good day to see a movie.

Nightcrawler on Netflix (May 15)

If staying in for your cinematic fix is more your style, check out Jake Gyllenhall in his Oscar-nominated creeper role in Nightcrawler. A dark and grimy movie that features Gyllenhall’s best performance to date, it’s the kind of movie that might leave you with an unsettled feeling, though we’re pretty sure that’s the point.

Grab Your Controllers (May 19)

It feels like it has been a while since there were a couple games that garnered space in The Primer – not because we’re anti-gaming, but because there haven’t been any big releases of late. Well, the wait is over as both The Witcher 3 and Destiny: House of Wolves drop this month. Charge your controllers and get your fingers ready – it’s time to game!

Tomorrowland (May 22)

We told you it was a big month for movies and after cracking our Top 10 list of 2015 films we were most looking forward to back in January, the fact that we’re finally on the verge of discovering what Disney’s Tomorrowland is all about has us excited. George Clooney in a futuristic, family-friendly adventure? What’s not to like?

Dwayne Johnson to the Rescue (May 29)

San Andreas looks both awesome and absolutely ridiculous, just because in a film where massive earthquakes ravage California, you know Los Angeles Fire Department rescue helicopter pilot “The Rock” is going to ultimately save the day. But with a movie like this, you’re not going for the gripping, ingenius plot – you’re going for the special effects and they look amazing.

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