Fragrance Of The Month: Jeremy Scott For Adidas Originals EDT, Limited Edition

Above: Adidas Originals unisex eau de toilette by Jeremy Scott

Seems like anyone who’s anybody has endorsed a signature pair of kicks, these days. There’s Michael Jordan and LeBron James annual carousel of new Nike launches. Taylor Swift’s Champion Sneaky Cat Keds have the pussycats covered (we feel a sporty version of Choupette Lagerfeld’s ballet slippers can’t be far behind), and even long gone, pop icon Andy Warhol has been graced with a pair of Campbell’s Tomato-Soup-red, Chuck Taylor Converse All Stars.

And then there is fashion designer Jeremy Scott. While his whimsical, feather-, floral- and golden-wing-embellished leather line for Adidas Originals is fantastic footwear, we like his liquid-filled, glass version the best. 

Poured into a clear, crystalline bottle that is one part Greek god Hermes’ sandals and another part Scott’s winged high-tops, the designer’s premier eau is dirty and sensual. While the athletic brand deems it a unisex scent—and I’m not saying we wouldn’t wear it—the fragrance opens with a sexy, sweaty, locker room quality that smells more like him than it does her.

Tangy bergamot and sweet rose intertwine with spicy incense and white pepper before being mix-mastered into intimate cashmere. The end result is heady and light, rebellious and inviting. And not unlike your favourite pair of sneakers, it’s easy and comfortable to wear.

Jeremy Scott for Adidas Originals EDT, Limited Edition fragrance comes in 75 ml for $90. It’s available at the Hudson’s Bay stores across Canada.


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