Fan Edit Turns ‘Harry Potter’ Movies Into Single Film

Above: Watch Daniel Radcliffe grow up before your eyes in, 'Wizardhood'

The Harry Potter franchise has given us eight feature-length films, and most of us have seen one, if not all of them. If you weren’t a day one fan back in 2001, it may seem pretty daunting to delve into a series that intense and certainly, that extensive. For the select few who have yet to catch up on the wizarding world, this may be your lucky day. A Vimeo user named, Tim Stiefler, took to his account this week and uploaded a succinct hour and a half version of our favourite magical adventure. Playing on Richard Linklater’s, Boyhood, the edited presentation aptly entitled, Wizardhood, allows us to see the “boy who lived” grow up before our very eyes.

Perhaps the most surprising takeaway from the project, is that the narrative rolls out quite well and doesn’t leave us confused or lost. The cuts are seamless, and every scene is perfectly placed, adding to a gripping, but condensed plot. While we miss a ton of the goodness from its theatrical versions, Wizardhood gives audiences an equally entertaining option, and is a great introduction for new fans, or for significant others who need to start understanding your Potter references, and have an evening available (we’re just saying).

You can watch Stiefler’s amazing fan edit below, via his Vimeo account. If you catch Pottermania, you can extend your fandom by watching Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, which is currently in theatres worldwide.

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