You Are Now Able To Download Netflix Shows & Movies To Watch Offline

Above: Netflix will now let you download videos and watch them offline
You Are Now Able To Download Netflix Shows & Movies To Watch Offline

Finally! You can download shows from Netflix and watch them offline!

Netflix announced Wednesday that you can now download TV series and movies at no extra cost and then watch them later when your device isn’t connected to the internet.

Netflix’s new offline mode service is currently only available for Netflix original content including: Narcos, Strangers Things, Orange Is The New Black, and The Crown. It’s unclear how many licensed titles from third parties will be available to download in the future.

“Just click the download button on the details page for a film or TV series and you can watch it later without an internet connection,” reads a statement from the streaming giant on how to use the new service.

The new feature is included in all plans and is available for all Android and iOS devices. Just update your Netflix app to the most recent version and you’ll find a download button next to the videos you can store for offline viewing.

This totally changes the game for flights, long journeys and just life in general.

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