‘Game of Thrones’ Drops New Behind the Scenes Video

Above: the Night King in full garb

After what surely feels like forever, we’re now just weeks away from one of the biggest nights in modern television history. If you’re a fan of Game of Thrones (you should be), you’re already well aware that the show’s last season gets underway next month. Heck, we’ve been talking about this forthcoming run of episodes for almost two years.

The epic fantasy adventure initially debuted on small screens back in 2011, and it’s been captivating fans since that groundbreaking premiere episode. Now going into its final outing, and with so many questions still up in the air, there’s no telling just how things will all wrap up. What we do know, however, is that the producers are planning to surprise and shock audiences everywhere.

Of course, season eight’s exact plot details have remained hidden from the public and that makes the show’s press run rather challenging. Just last week Jon Snow himself, Kit Harington, was on CBS’ The Late Show with Stephen Colbert and had to dodge a ton of potential spoilers during a lengthy interview.

Thankfully, HBO is trying to quench our thirst (at least a little bit), because today the network dropped a very special behind the scenes look from the set. In a short video uploaded to YouTube, we get to see the uber detailed prosthetics team develop costumes for the show’s infamous white walkers. You can watch it all unfold below, and be sure to tune into Game of Thrones‘ ultimate season when it begins on April 14.

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