The Best Podcasts For The True Crime Fan

Fill every spare minute with true crime
The Best Podcasts For The True Crime Fan

For the big true crime buff, it seems like there are so many stories, so little time. But if you have a phone and a good podcast app (Overcast or Podbean come to mind), you can get your fill of crime details while you’re getting ready for work, during your commute and when you’re grocery shopping. There are some of the best true crime podcasts out there right now:

Someone Knows Something
This CBC podcast hosted by experienced documentarian David Ridgen covers two Canadian cold cases. The first season looks into the 1972 disappearance of 5-year-old Adrien McNaughton, including talking to his family and locals in the town he lived in, following up on theories about what might have happened to him and even hiring cadaver dogs to search the woods where he was last seen. The second season covers the disappearance of Sheryl Sheppard and culminates in Ridgen attempting to confront the number one suspect in her suspected murder.

Last Podcast on the Left
If you like your true crime mixed with a little comedy to lighten the mood, look no further than Last Podcast on the Left. Hosted by actor and comedian Henry Zebrowski, and his long time friends Ben Kissel and Marcus Parks, the podcast has over two hundred episodes and counting. They cover everything from the worst serial killers like Ted Bundy, Charles Manson and Aileen Wuornos to topics like conspiracy theories, UFOs and Scientology.

My Favorite Murder
Friends Georgia Hardstark and Karen Kilgariff bonded over their shared love of everything true crime and decided to start a podcast about it. Since their first episode in January 2016, they have racked up over 100,000 members on their Facebook page and created a community for people to talk about the scary side of human nature. Every episode they both tell a true crime story (it’s more conversational, so if you’re looking for a super informative podcast, this isn’t it) and they also read submissions from listeners called “hometown murders”.

Sword & Scale
If a high production value, interviews with people who went through hell and lived to tell about it and actual 911 calls are your thing, Sword & Scale is where it’s at. The host Mike Boudet, started the podcast in 2014 with the catch phrase “a show that reveals that the worst monsters are real”. Each episode is about anything from high-profile trials and unsolved murders to missing persons cases. Every episode is highly researched and meticulously reported, sometimes even including interviews with the person who committed the crime.

True Crime Garage
The hosts of True Crime Garage, Nic and The Captain combine their interest in true crime with their love of craft beer. Every episode they promote a craft beer and discuss a different case—anything from the unsolved cases of Elisa Lam, the Black Dahlia and Jonbenet Ramsey to missing persons cases like Johnny Gosch and Jacob Wetterling and infamous serial killers like Ed Gein and John Wayne Gacy. Episodes are well-thought out and thoroughly researched, so if you’re interested in the facts with no filler, this podcast is perfect for you.

Up and Vanished
Tara Grinstead was a 30-year-old teacher living in Ocilla, Georgia when she disappeared without a trace. Host Payne Lindsay decides to look into her case hoping to find something that can shed some light on what happened to Tara. In the first episode, Lindsay details how the podcast started with a post on Web Sleuths and grew from there. Tara’s case file is the largest one in Georgia’s history so there’s plenty of material for Lindsay to go over. After 18 episodes, the story is still ongoing.

Generation Why
With over 200 episodes, Generation Why goes far beyond your typical serial killer and famous unsolved murder cases. If you’re looking for something a little different, this podcast has episodes covering the disappearances of Amelia Earhart and D.B Cooper, satanic panic, 9/11 and JFK’s assassination. Hosts Justin and Aaron are good friends and every episode involves them discussing their opinions on each topic, kind of how you’d talk to your own friends.

For stories you probably wouldn’t hear about otherwise, try Criminal. Hosted by reporter Phoebe Judge, this one is about crime—but not sensationalized crime. The stories are about people who have done something wrong, been wronged or been caught somewhere in the middle. Every episode involves an interview with one of those people so they’re able to tell their story in their own words. Crimes covered include fraud, theft, the things people will do to secure their next high and plenty more you’d never believe actually happened if you didn’t hear it right from the horse’s mouth.

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