How To Strengthen Your Hair

How to strengthen your hair even when you’re swimming, sunning and washing it every day
How To Strengthen Your Hair

It’s May. Sure, global warming has us yo-yo’ing between sunshine and snowflakes (yes, the latter will happen in Calgary over the long weekend; we’ll bet our lunch money on it!), but that never stopped anyone from getting outside once the snow dries up. Being more outdoorsy however, means increased access to the sun, tennis courts, heat, swimming pools and pollution. So why should you care? Well, your hair and scalp depends on it.

Whether you’re a hair man or a scalp guy, you need a routine to maintain your hair and your scalp’s health. Unless, of course, you don’t give a rat’s you-know-what about what you’ve got and/or are losing up top…except that we think you do. Care, that is. So here’s how you can most efficiently.

Step one:

Use a shampoo and a conditioner on your hair and your scalp, preferably every other day. “Many shampoos and conditioners are designed to work together to provide the most optimal hair and scalp benefits,” explains Dr. Rolanda Johnson Wilkerson, the principal scientist for Pantene, Proctor & Gamble. “It will help create the look and style you are trying to achieve.”

Step two:

Know what you’re protecting. “We are born with a protective network on and around our hair shaft called the ‘F-Layer,’ with the purpose of protecting the hair cuticles,” says Dr. Johnson Wilkerson. “As we age, and as a result of damage to the hair through brushing or combing and colouring for example, this protective network is removed.” Hair conditioners, like those in Pantene’s roster of products, are formulated to copycat the F-layer to protect your hair’s cuticles from damage. They also contain moisturizing ingredients to replenish the hair from moisture loss and anti-oxidants to protect the hair from free radical damage from the environment. All good, very, very good.

Step three:

The little details matter. Pay attention. Using the right products on a regular basis can help prevent hair loss due to breakage. They can also maintain healthy growth and keep dandruff flakes at bay. “It is beneficial to use a conditioner no matter the hair length,” affirms Dr. Johnson Wilkerson. “Conditioners help to protect the hair and give the hair shine to keep it from appearing dull. Also, be proactive about your hair care – your scalp will appreciate it!”

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