5 Bar Soaps You Need To Hit For Optimum Skin Care

We all know our skin is our body’s largest organ. But did you know that your skin goes to bat for you every single day, protecting you from germs, helping regulate your body’s temperature, acting as a permanent raincoat and providing you with the sense of touch—all on autopilot, too. You never have to think about it or tell it what to do. You can, however, see and feel the telltale signs of your skin’s daily exposure to global warming’s yo-yo weather, sweat and grime, environmental pollution, sleep and exercise or the lack of it and what you eat and drink. It’s plastered across your face and body in the form of the 30,000 to 40,000 dead skin cells that you shed daily.

You can try to rinse these thousands of cells away by simply standing under the water in your shower each morning, but that will only get you so far. There are more effective ways to consistently and effectively get your clean on. Enter the bar soap. Age-old and incredibly reliable, the bar soap is one of your skin’s best cleansing, exfoliating, rejuvenating, hydrating and sensory invigorating skincare options. Especially when you know which bar to pick up and use according to your face and body’s needs. Here are some of our favourites.

For a deep clean: Anto Yukon Bad Boy Lump of Coal Soap
For anyone craving that squeaky-clean feeling without the tight dryness that typically follows, this Canadian-made bar gets the job done and then some. For starters, it’s crafted from just seven au-naturel ingredients: coconut, canola, olive, palm and essentials oils, water and, of course, its namesake ingredient the deep-cleansing charcoal. A spicy orange, anise, cedar and patchouli scent is swirled in before the formula is mix mastered in small batches to ensure optimum quality and then wrapped in an original print by artist Meghan Hildebrand.
$10 each, available online at www.antoyukon.com.

For maximum exfoliation: Cocoon Apothecary Coffee Scrub Soap
One part sudsy cleanser another part gritty exfoliator, this eco-friendly cube-shaped, dual-action bar will eliminate dead skin cells and grimy build-up while hydrating your face and body with it’s infusion of olive, sweet almond and coconut oils and cocoa and shea butters. It’s inclusion of coffee essential oils with vanilla extract will give you all the wake-up, feel-good vibes you need to start your day.
$9.50 each, available online at www.cocoonapothecary.ca.

For instant swag: Old Spice Swagger
This five-ounce bar is a heavyweight, literally and figuratively, as it’s sold in a six-pack and delivers a bold scent that lingers on the skin long after you’ve toweled off. Plus, it’s the only soap we know of that features a pep talk on the label, which reads: “The Scent of Confidence. We’re not saying this bar of soap will make you a confident millionaire jet fighter pilot. But we’re insinuating it.” We suggest lathering it all over for maximum results.
$5.99 for a six pack, available at Shoppers Drug Mart.

For vegans: Schmidt’s Bergamot + Lime Natural Soap with Exfoliating Orange Peel
All-natural, vegan and packed full of plant-based, good-for-you ingredients— including bergamot, lime, orange peel, turmeric, palm kernel and more—this zesty green bar will have you singing in the shower. Courtesy of it’s synthetic-free suds and moisture-fuelled shea butter, glycerin and water, you can confidently lather, rinse and repeat from head to toe without ever worrying about what’s circling down the drain.
From $7.38, available online at www.walmart.ca.

For sensitive skin: Suki Care Your Daily Regimen Sensitive Cleansing Bar
A little square of TLC for the most sensitive faces, this bar soap not only soothes your skin, it heals and hydrates it too. It’s hefty helping of colloidal oats calms and soothes rashes, bumps and chronic skin conditions, locking moisture in, while shea butter nourishes and moisturizes, helping to regenerate cells and boost collagen. Between its gentle formulation and subtle citrus scent, you’ll be reaching for this bar daily.
From $8.99, available online at www.amazon.ca.

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