How To DIY Say Hello To Arches And Buh-bye To Unruly Brows

Studio shot of a handsome young man plucking his eyebrows against a gray background

Ugh. It’s hard enough to feel cooped up indoors with your bubble, let alone have to worry that people will be focusing on your unruly eyebrows each time you mask up to walk among the real world. And yet…it’s kind of true. The feelings, that is, not the reality because you can actually take your brows into your own hands and tame them into submission. According to Breigh Bellavance, the National Brow Artist for Benefit Cosmetics there are three key ways you can manage your arches in the un-masked privacy and safe-zone of your own home.

Let it Go and Let Your Eyebrows Grow
If you’ve always had a sparse pair or better still, fell prey to the boy-band look and too over-tweezing into your own hand, now’s the time to sit back and let your eyebrow hair grow back. It’s kind of like watching paint dry, but can you think of a better time to do this? “No one is going to see them so there’s no need to worry about the in-between growth stage,” affirms Bellavance.“For an added boost of nutrients to encourage growth, use a conditioner like BrowVo! Conditioning Primer. This nutrient-rich primer keeps the brow hair and follicle feeling healthy and strong using soy and keratin.”

Shape Up What You’ve Got
If you’ve chosen to man-up and shape your unruly hairs into submission, we’re proud of you. That said, there are a few rules Bellavance recommends you follow before you start plucking.
Rule #1: Find the start, arch and end points of your brows by using a straight edge, like a pencil or better yet, an eyebrow pencil, as a measuring device.
Start: “with the brow pencil tip pointed upwards and measure vertically from each nostril,” advises Bellavance. “Draw a vertical line at the front of each brow.”
Arch: “measure diagonally from each nostril, through the outer edge of your iris, then draw a vertical line with your pencil right through the brow,” says Bellavance.
End: “measure diagonally from the edge of your nose past the outer corner of the eye,” says Bellavance.” “And then, draw the last vertical line.”
Rule #2: Complete the brow map by connecting the marks using straight lines. “This will give you a good idea of which hairs can be removed and which should be kept in order to maintain your brow shape,” explains Bellavance, who believe that so long as you tweeze outside the lines, you can never go too far.

Try a New Style
There’s no better time to experiment with a new brow look than when you’re having socially distanced contact and when you’re attempting your DIY grooming from the comfort of your own home. To help you along, check out the San Francisco brand’s virtualBrow Try-On Tool to play around with different eyebrow shapes, styles and shades. “Simply upload a selfie or use a live version with your device camera and have fun,” says Bellavance. “Adjust the shade, arch, definition and placement that best suits you. That way, you’ll know exactly what style you want to achieve.”

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