Spas: They’re Your De-Stress, Re-Energize Retreat

Above: The new spa-goer is your regular Joe (Photo: Shutterstock/Poznyakov)

You change the oil in your car six times a year. You upgrade your iPhone with the newest version as soon as it’s released. So why not join the roster of men who get regular tune-ups at the spa?

According to a recent survey by The International Spa Association, 47 per cent of men—up from 31 per cent ten years ago—frequent spas. And believe it or not, it’s not because they lost a bet or were coerced by their wives or girlfriends. Most, in fact, are between the ages of 25 to 44 years old and earn a wage of $50,000 per year. In other words: the new spa-goer is your regular Joe.

“Men are becoming more aware of the importance of overall health and wellness,” affirms Jennifer Kwiatkowski-Herzog, the spa director for The Forest Spa at The Lodge at Glendorn in Pennsylvania. Sure, pampering (minus the pink robe, of course) is a perk of the experience, but the need to stay physically fit and carve out personal space—all in a time-crunch society, is the driving force behind growing attendance.

With relaxation, stress relief and grooming at the top of the list, day and destination spas now customize their service menus to cater to a masculine clientele. “Men tend to neglect taking care of themselves,” explains Kwiatkowski-Herzog. As a result, treatment options are often positioned as a necessity as opposed to a luxury, such as an Executive Facial complete with attention to ingrown beard hairs and razor burn, a Back To Basics service to eliminate back acne or a therapeutic Deep Tissue Massage ideal for sports injuries, carpel tunnel syndrome and even, migraines.

Additionally, many destination spas offer male-oriented activities, which can range from steam baths and yoga classes to tennis matches and cooking classes. “If you tend to be more active you can also enjoy hiking one of the Allegheny National Forest trails, fly fishing in Bondieu or Skipper lakes, paddle boarding or trap and skeet shooting,” says Kwiatkowski-Herzog. With over 1600 acres and almost 90 years of experience, The Lodge at Glendorn reflects the modern-day environment spas are adapting to attract men and create a gender-neutral experience. “Men tend to be a little unsure when first coming into the spa. But once they are able to relax and see the benefits they are our best customers.”

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