The Hottest Bond Girls

Above: 12 of our favourite Bond girls from the hit franchise.
Above: 12 of our favourite Bond girls from the hit franchise.

Three years after the release of Skyfall, we’re finally getting a new James Bond movie. When Sam Mendes’ Spectre hits theatres around the globe on November 6th, we’ll see Daniel Craig making his fourth – and probably his final – outing as everyone’s favourite superspy on a quest to unveil a sinister organization. We’ll also meet the latest Bond Girl.

In Spectre – the 26th Bond film – Italian actress Monica Bellucci (arguably one of the most beautiful women in the world) takes on the role of Lucia Sciarra, the beautiful widow of an infamous criminal.

In celebration of the release of Spectre, here’s a look back at 12 of the hottest Bond girls from the hit franchise.

Honey Rider

Dr. No
Honey Rider” (Ursula Andress)
Swiss actress Ursula Andress is the original Bond girl. When “Honey Rider” rose from the water wearing a sexy white bikini in the 1962 film Dr. No, she definitely set the Bond-girl standard.


 Jill Masterson

Jill Masterson” (Shirley Eaton)
British actress Shirley Eaton’s character “Jill Masterson” only made a short appearance in the 1964 film Goldfinger, but she definitely left a lasting impression. The henchwoman lying on a bed, covered in gold paint is one of the Bond series’ most iconic moments.


Pussy Galore

Pussy Galore” (Honor Blackman)
British actress Honor Blackman’s character from Goldfinger is without a doubt one of franchise’s most memorable characters. Bond’s giggle-worthy response when he was introduced to “Pussy Galore” was simply… “I must be dreaming.”


Domino Derval

Domino Derval” (Claudine Auger)
Claudine Auger, Miss France 1958, portrayed “Dominique ‘Domino’ Derval” in the 1965 film, Thunderball. The sexy Bond girl was an open sea diver who charmed audiences and was quickly seduced by Bond when he spotted her wearing a bikini and carrying a spear gun.


Major Anya Amazova

The Spy Who Loved Me
Major Anya Amasova” (Barbara Bach)
Barbara Bach (the future Mrs. Ringo Starr) portrayed the sexy “Major Anya Amasova” in the 1977 film, The Spy Who Loved Me. Amasova’s code-name was XXX and she was seeking revenge against Bond for killing her lover – instead she ended up in bed in an escape pod with a bottle of champagne and our hero.



Live And Let Die
“Solitaire” (Jane Seymour)
Jane Seymour played the clairvoyant “Solitaire” in the 1973 film, Live and Let Die. The sexy character put herself in danger after she slept with Bond and lost her fortune telling abilities – thankfully 007 saved her and the day.


Paris Carver

Tomorrow Never Dies
Paris Carver” (Teri Hatcher)
In between her roles on Lois & Clark and Desperate Housewives, Teri Hatcher heated up the big screen playing “Paris Carver” in the 1997 film, Tomorrow Never Dies. The temptress was an old flame from Bond’s past that is killed off for betraying her villain husband, Carver.


Christmas Jones

The World Is Not Enough
Christmas Jones” (Denise Richards)
Denise Richards had her turn as a Bond girl in the 1999 film, The World is Not Enough. Richard’s character “Christmas Jones” was a sexy nuclear chemist who saved 007’s life on more than one occasion throughout the hit flick.



Die Another Day
Jinx” (Halle Berry)
Shortly after winning her best-actress Oscar for Monster’s Ball, Halle Berry put on a sexy orange bikini and walked out of the sea paying homage to Dr. No‘s infamous “Honey Rider” character. The scene ensured that 2002’s Die Another Day femme fatal “Jinx” would go on to become one of the most popular Bond girls of all time.


Vesper Lynd

Casino Royale
Vesper Lynd” (Eva Green)
In 2006, Eva Green became Bond’s first love when she played sultry “Vesper Lynd” in the film, Casino Royale. The flick tells the story of 007’s first top-secret mission, making the mysterious character the very first Bond girl.



Quantum Of Solace
Camille” (Olga Kurylenko)
2008’s Quantum of Solace featured the ultimate match for Bond. Ukrainian-French actress Olga Kurylenko’s “Camille” was a member of the Bolivian Secret Service who was out to avenge the deaths of her father, mother and sister. By the film’s end she thanked Bond for his help with a passionate kiss.



Sévérine” (Bérénice Marlohe)
French actress Bérénice Marlohe makes her appearance as Bond girl “Sévérine” in the twenty-third James Bond film, Skyfall. The exotic character becomes 007’s latest ally and lover in the hugely successful film franchise, which began 50 years ago.

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