Watch: Don’t Worry, ‘Stranger Things’ Didn’t Forget About Barb

Above: Barb Holland is everyone's BFF

When Stranger Things debuted on Netflix this past summer, it dominated water cooler talk everywhere. Like everyone else who caught the first season, we were giant fans of the show, and we binged it accordingly. The eerie Duffer Brothers series was chock-full of 80s nostalgia, and armed with a plethora of unique and loveable characters. While the narrative was amazing, the charm of its ensemble was one of the biggest reasons we fell in love with the show. We weren’t alone, either. As we write, the internet is being flooded with pictures of Halloween costumes inspired by its band of friends.

Like Stranger Things itself, a few characters rose to the top and stole our hearts. One of these stars, was everyone’s favourite nerd, Barb Holland. She was the unforgettable sidekick and best friend of Nancy Wheeler, who watched out for her pal at every turn. Unfortunately, however, Barb was devoured by the Demogorgon, and ripped right into the Upside Down. That’s kind of where her plotline ended, and boy did it tick us all off.

For fans of the show, Barb’s disappearance was never properly addressed. The cliffhanger fate of Holland drew exposure outside of the fanbase, and reached its apex in a sketch on The Tonight Show. Since the season finale, the Duffer Brothers have promised closure, and even teased “justice for Barb“. Now, Netflix is reminding us that they didn’t forget about Ms. Holland, releasing a short video on their official YouTube channel. You can check it all out below. Stay tuned for season two of Stranger Things, when it premieres sometime next year.

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