Fragrance Of The Month: Original Penguin Premium Blend EDT

Above: Original Penguin Premium Blend EDT
Fragrance Of The Month: Original Penguin Premium Blend EDT

For a label that got its start in a 100-year-old underwear factory in mid-west USA and built it’s brand with a penguin named Pete a mere half century ago, Original Penguin has come a long way for a bird that can’t fly.

It’s popularity can be attributed to the tale of how over a glass of whiskey or two and a flight from New York City to his hometown Minneapolis, founder Abbot Pederson gave the quirky penguin his debut by embroidering him onto a golf shirt. It’s also safe to say Pete’s claim to fame grew courtesy of avid golfers Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Arnold Palmer, Clint Eastwood and Richard Nixon who wore the little bird’s shirts every time they hit the green. But we like to credit the Original Penguin’s longevity to its smooth and easy to wear scents.

Sixth in a roster of fragrances that commenced in 2011 (okay, so maybe the fragrances aren’t the reason why the design house has succeeded for over five decades, but they’re certainly why men keep coming back for more) and like its predecessors was mix-mastered by nose Harry Freemont, is the house’s latest eau, Penguin Premium Blend.

An aromatic and aquatic fragrance, the scent opens with a cool, exhilarating surge of crisp bergamot, fresh lime peel and wild spearmint. It then eases into a refreshing, wet and earth-like blend of marine, botanical and herbal notes complete with a twist of salt. Finally, the eau winds down into a masculine and intimate infusion of fresh musk, driftwood and woody vetiver. Inspired by its 2015 counterpart Original Blend’s whiskey-shaped bottle and vibe, Premium Blend’s flacon is more aligned with vodka with its translucent, frosted glass effect. The overall effect is exhilarating and inviting.

Penguin Premium Blend EDT comes in 100 ml for $65. It’s available online at

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