About Face: Indeed Retinol Reface Eye Cream

When it’s all about your face, there’s no better option right now than to smooth on a little of Indeed’s Retinol Reface Eye Cream.

Kind and gentle enough to use on your under eye area every single night, but also powerful enough to rub away the signs of aging like crow’s feet, fine lines, puffiness and dark circles, this cream is a must when you want to wake up looking bright eyed and, well, younger. Jam packed with youth-inducing ingredients such as, retinol ester, a stable form of retinol that combines vitamins A and F delivers irritation-free results; riboxyl to energize tired skin and stimulate collagen production; caratanys-ca, an extract made from carrots, reduces inflammation and redness; and sint’tight, an extract of locust seeds, to work overtime to give you the appearance of zero wrinkles for up to eight hours. Not a bad deal.

Plus, even the most sensitive skin can benefit. All you have to do is emulsify a pea-sized amount between your fingers and massage it into your under eye’s skin before you crawl into bed. Trust us when we say, you’ll thank us when you wake up feeling and looking refreshed in the morning.

Indeed Retinol Reface Eye Cream, $22.00, available at online at www.indeedlabs.com.

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