Product Hype: Puressentiel Eucalyptus Essential Oil

There’s not a lot we won’t do to breathe in a little eucalyptus. One time, while driving through Rwanda with the car windows open, we stopped and stepped outside along the road so that we could take deep gulps of the calming, enticing scent wafting from the local eucalyptus trees.

This Vicks Vapor Rub-like scent never fails to lift our spirits and cleanse our nasal passages far down, deep into our lungs. We love it. It makes us feel healthy and clean, strong and alive. So clearly, we’re all over Puressentiel’s Eucalyptus Essential Oil.

One hundred per cent pure, derived from the eucalyptus tree, this small bottle filled with essential oil goodness adds the extra something we’re seeking when dripped into our bath water, rubbed onto our chest or simply emulsified between our hands and then held up to our face to inhale. The aromatherapy properties of the blend help relieve colds and congestion or coughs, headaches and joint and muscle pain. Additionally, it just offers a super relaxing vibe when we soak in it in a hot tub after a long day. We’ll never be able to get enough. But this bottle capturing it all helps.

Puressentiel Eucalyptus Essential Oil, $13.99, available online at

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