YouTube User, Casually Explained, Breaks Down Men’s Fashion

Studying and understanding men’s fashion can be a time consuming and difficult task. Given the incredible amount of brands, styles, and influencers to get acquainted with, the fashion world can seem pretty overwhelming for most. Popular YouTuber, Casually Explained, understands this problem and sought out to help viewers by delivering an informative and concise introduction to the world of men’s fashion.

The playful video, which runs just a few minutes long, gives viewers a brief history of threads and profiles a number of different styles, subcategories, and tastemakers. Much like his previous Casually Explained tutorials, the video is comically animated and light on the subject matter at hand. In the duration of the piece, we come face-to-face with everything from turn of the century formal wear to, as he hilariously puts it, whatever Kanye West is currently rocking.

Naturally, the clever little clip is now going viral on Reddit with the Supreme tidbit getting extra shine on many fashion forums. If you’re looking to get a bite-sized lecture on how men’s clothing has evolved over the last few decades, give the video below a good watch. Also, be sure to delve into Casually Explained’s entire catalogue for other goodies like “Introverts and Extroverts”, “Levels of Wealth”, and “Critical Thinking”.

In related news, check out a hyped up fashion collaboration between Puma and pop superstar, The Weeknd.

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