HBO Announces ‘Game of Thrones’ Season 8 Release Date

The end of Game of Thrones is near. After eight years of sword fighting, dragon slaying, and brutal backstabbing, television’s epic fantasy adventure is ending its historic run with a bang. Next year, the show’s final season will begin airing on HBO and fans will finally get answers to (hopefully) all of the series’ burning questions.

Much like every season, GoT producers have been extra militant against potential leaks and hacks, so unless you’re a hardcore forum user, you’ve likely avoided any spoilers. What we do know, however, is that this forthcoming run could be delivered in movie-length chunks. It was also reported earlier this year that showrunners planned multiple endings to ward off any would-be pirates. Aside from these tidbits, not much else has been revealed about the upcoming season… until now.

Today, HBO dropped a long-awaited announcement on social media and delivered a *clears throat* semi-concrete release date. According to the network, we can expect Game of Thrones to resume action this coming April. That means we’ll be able to catch the great battle for Westeros in just four months! To hype up the pending premiere, HBO also dished out a fiery teaser package that showcases some of GoT‘s biggest and bloodiest battles to date.

You can watch the highlight reel video below via YouTube, and mark your calendars for April when the show finally returns to the small screen.

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